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  1. Yes - I think Since I've Been Loving You and Down By The Seaside and maybe a few from the first album are ones with bass pedals only.
  2. Mmmmmm........I wonder what shapes and patterns they were? Why only at that gig? I only thought lighting fx began during the bow till the 75 tour with lasers??
  3. I remember my first vinyl was The Song Remains the Same after seeing a video of the film. The next LP was an 80s pressing of Led Zeppelin 3. Many records later I found in a second hand recording shop a British "Deluxe" pressing of Led Zeppelin 3 - "Printed and made by the E.J. Day Group London and Bedford". The differences in the printing & paper quality is astounding. It also features the "Do what thou wilt" & "So mote it be" engravings. It is a real indication of the artistry that went into product design and manufacturing back then - something sadly missing in todays cds (and obv
  4. Ah found something: "September 4, 1970 - Today, after playing to 20,000 fans at the L.A. Forum, Led Zeppelin appear with Fairport Convention at the Troubadour in L.A. to a crowd of only a few hundred. The bands share instruments. Richard Thompson, guitarist for Fairport Convention plays Page's Les Paul, but FC's drummer, Dave Mattacks is hesitant to let Bonham play his drums because of Bonham's reputation as a very powerful drummer. Bonham sits down at the kit and steps on the bass pedal. Mattack watches in horror as his bass drum flies forward a half a foot. After the jam session w
  5. According to LEDZEPCONCERTS.COM, "The band makes an appearance during a live recording by Fairport Convention" at the Troubadour club Sept 4, 1970 PARTIAL SETLIST 1. Hey Joe 2. Morning Dew 3. Banks of Sweet Primroses 4. Mystery Train 5. That's Alright Mama http://www.ledzepcon...?id=lz19700904b Anyone have any details regarding this? Did they get recorded live also?
  6. Add your own pyramid here... Looks more like Joe Perry though..
  7. MMMMmmmm I wonder what the title of the comic would be? I'm sure Jimmy would be proud of the muscles...
  8. I agree - you can hear the genesis of The Song Remains the Same in there.
  9. I have seen photos from the shows where there seems to be a slide projector at the front left of the stage. Anyone know what images were being projected (if indeed slides were used)?
  10. Interesting how the Rain Song was in the set in 1980 and yet missing from 1977. A little bit non-punk...
  11. Not sure about the answer but it was a great poster - you're lucky, a nice one to have
  12. I've only recently listened again to the live performance of Albert Hall 1970 where in 'I Can't Quit You Baby' on Coda it is credited as a 'rehearsal' but it's obviously from the concert - the reference to 'Jimmy Page guitar' taken out amongst other things. As well as the old and new 'Soundtrack from the film the Song Remains the Same' containing many bizarre edits and changes (like the flanging effect on his guitar in Stairway) I would think there will be many 'creative solutions' to Dazed and any other track's requiring adjustment - even though there was only one gig - although didn't the
  13. We await "The Soundtrack from the Film Led Zeppelin live at 02 Arena"
  14. I noticed a big change from 75 to 77 in all his guitar sounds. Could have had a lot to do with his ageing ears & loss of mid to higher frequencies (needing to adjust up the tone on the amps to give him the same grunt & presence on stage he enjoyed in previous years with a more fuller audio spectrum).
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