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  1. Ah found something: "September 4, 1970 - Today, after playing to 20,000 fans at the L.A. Forum, Led Zeppelin appear with Fairport Convention at the Troubadour in L.A. to a crowd of only a few hundred. The bands share instruments. Richard Thompson, guitarist for Fairport Convention plays Page's Les Paul, but FC's drummer, Dave Mattacks is hesitant to let Bonham play his drums because of Bonham's reputation as a very powerful drummer. Bonham sits down at the kit and steps on the bass pedal. Mattack watches in horror as his bass drum flies forward a half a foot. After the jam session which lasted almost three hours, the drum heads need a good changing and the toms need a good tuning. After the jam session, Bonham retires to Barney's Beanery, an after-hours bar, where he engages in a drinking contest with Janis Joplin." Sounds like much fun was had Wonder if there was any recording of the jam?
  2. According to LEDZEPCONCERTS.COM, "The band makes an appearance during a live recording by Fairport Convention" at the Troubadour club Sept 4, 1970 PARTIAL SETLIST 1. Hey Joe 2. Morning Dew 3. Banks of Sweet Primroses 4. Mystery Train 5. That's Alright Mama http://www.ledzepcon...?id=lz19700904b Anyone have any details regarding this? Did they get recorded live also?
  3. The lighting was also a giveaway -much softer and more even in the studio. Also there was much less looking out (as there was no audience).
  4. 2nd Night in Osaka 29-09-71 - Beyond doubt. Stairway at its most passionate & intensely relaxed. Plant believes the lyrics, Page at his most fluent best, Bonham experimental and driving, Jones at his most inspired.
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