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  1. I've always been interested in Magick, and have tried to read some of Crowley's work on the subject, but I've never found it to be anything but impenetrable. I did get through Diary of a Drug Fiend and Moonchild though.
  2. Yeah, I mean, even the slightest bit of research will make that clear. It's too bad that he needs to make that clarification. Nothing particularly wicked to be found in most of this stuff.
  3. Not a topic that Page is open to discussing. If you should ever happen to cross paths with him, that one is off limits. I had read somewhere recently that he is no longer a practitioner. Anyone know if that is correct?
  4. Nah, he is a longstanding and vocal fan. He has Bonham's "symbol" tattooed on his forearm. He has been saying that he would love to drum for them for as long as there have been reunion rumors. The thing is, the story is all about how much Grohl loves them and how he would love so much to play with them. Dave actually drumming for them is a non-story.
  5. The ultimate proof that this is a bunch of crap is as follows: backwards masking assumes that the message has been overdubbed or added as a subliminal. However, if you listen to any of the bootleg live versions of the song backwards, the supposed messages are still there. Obviously on these boots, there have been no additions to the music as it was played live at the show. End of story. Creepy religious fanatics.
  6. Agreed. First of all, there is nothing to debate in terms of Zeppelin freely borrowing from artists who came before them. As you know, it's already been settled in the courts. Second, listeners of the Stern show know that what he vilifies one day, he loves the next. He does whatever it takes to do entertaining radio. I've been a fan of Zeppelin since the mid-1970s but I can still laugh at them too, when they are cast in a humorous light.
  7. Agreed. I've been to many Stones shows, and the crowd just seems to be getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, it seems as if there is no room for compromise with people who behave like this.
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