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  1. I just went on a vegetarian diet for the whole month of February. I really enjoyed it.
  2. Isn't it? I am really enjoying reading all these! They're brilliant.
  3. I have heat and hot water again! First time since Thursday! OMG - YAY! I adore that plumber!
  4. Why is that boring? It's fun to know why you picked it. Not boring at all.
  5. ^ It's a great name - your grandma must be really fun. My grandma just called me Doll Face...lol... Oh these are so interesting - I knew I'd love this thread. It's great to see how creative people are!
  6. Ahahahaha...Logan I love that! You really had me going there with that first story....
  7. Gosh I hear about feelin old! But that is a great story! I had a friend in high school that was forever playing BD too - he would do air drums instead of air guitar to it. I was the only person that wanted to ride in his car with the continual Zep playing - everyone got tired of it except me!
  8. So fun that even your parents called you Maureen! Is that your pic in the avatar? You do remind me of her - especially all that really pretty hair! Haha...a bass player called wanna be drummer - fantastic story! Glad you didn't change it, it's really fun especially knowing why you are called that.
  9. I have been reading with utter fascination the usernames people choose, and I would love to hear the stories as to why people chose them and for some of them, what they mean! Even if yours seems fairly obvious, do tell why you picked it anyway. Mine is fairly obvious, but here is the story behind it... I've been a fan of Jimmy's since I was 8 and have always been called various nicknames involving Jimmy, but one year I happened to be in a drama production cast as an angel, so of course owing to Jimmy's 'angel with a broken wing' comment, I picked up the tag Page's Angel, which has stuck since then. Somewhere along the line the 's dropped off, hence PageAngel. So there you are - anyone else care to share?
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