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  1. Nice one Annie, well done on putting it all together and for raising the money you obviously put a massive amount of tome and effort into it all. I hope the next one is bigger even more successful and riase even more money.

    I envy the winners of the competitions B)

    It was great to meet you and to share memories and experiences.

    I hope we get to meet at the next one.

    My Frank Melfi pic is waiting to be framed :rolleyes:


    Thanks ledded1! It was great to meet you too, and I am certain we will meet again at the new exhibit. Get that pic framed! Then I can use it as memorabilia at the next exhibit! :D LOL!

    Frank was so wonderful - he raised about £300 with for the ABC with his donated prints.

  2. Annie, biggest pat goes to you. Fan-tastic job and I knew you could pull it off. After meeting you in London and seeing the incredible energy you have and infect those around you with, I had no doubt this would become a reality. Glad to have helped you tell what time is was for awhile in style.

    Till we meet again!



    Thanks. Hahaha...London...I was so happy that weekend I don't think my feet were touching the ground! I'm glad I didn't scare you away completely (or lose your camera!), and that you were gracious to help me channel my enthusiasm towards a project that really has made a difference in the world. I've got so many nice emails and letters from fans saying they were touched by this project and they are willing to help with the next one. I sure hope so because when you see the things your money can do for the children it really makes you feel great!

    And your clock...it's awesome! Please tell me you are going to hang it on the wall somewhere? All that style can't be left in a box!

    See ya at the next exhibit!

  3. Hi everyone...an update for you on the conclusion of the exhibit. I'll repost a post I just made elsewhere:

    Apologies for the long delay in reporting back about how much was

    raised for The ABC with the 40th Anniversary Tribute at Knebworth.

    There's a lot going on for me (daughter went to University and I'm

    moving house!) and it took a while to return all the wonderful

    memorabilia and wait for a few cheques to clear, but I have sent a

    cheque to the ABC Trust for £1, 800 ($3,000), which represents all the

    profits after paying the costs of the exhibit, and the bank account is

    empty! Yay! I thank all of you who entered the contest, sent

    donations, bought the items we had for sale, signed the guest books

    and helped any way you could. There are some absolutely tremendous

    Zep fans out there, and you can be rightly proud that you helped such

    a worthy cause as the ABC in honour of Zep's 40th. :)

    Although the event was small, it attracted a lot of attention, and I

    have been flooded with offers to help for doing another one in a

    larger venue. Some of the people who want to help are pretty amazing

    folks, and their help will guarantee that more money can be raised for

    the Trust the next time around. I am not sure about the timing or

    exactly how it will be set up this time as yet, but as soon as I get

    myself moved into the new place I have a meeting scheduled with some

    of these new contacts and I will let everyone know what happens.

    The contest prizes have been delivered to the VERY EXCITED fans who

    won them, and I'm really happy to say that they aren't going to end up

    on Ebay! I was able to deliver the painting personally and it was

    just so great to see a fan so happy! Jimmy is so awesome...just his

    signature alone brings so much joy!! The F80 entertainment system

    also has an equally excited and happy owner, and the people at the

    factory where the F80 was made were coming in just to get a look at it

    and have them selves photographed with Jimmy's sig! I will have

    pictures of the winners with their prizes up on my memoriesinmusic

    website soon. It will be changed over for the new exhibit when I can

    sit down and work on it. Towards that end, if anyone out there has

    computer skills and would like to volunteer their time it would

    certainly help the cause.

    The last thing that needs doing is for the messages to be printed off

    the web, placed in the band's guest books, and sent off to them. I'm

    trying to find a good quality paper that matches the books. Then they

    will be sent off to the band members along with a full accounting of

    the event so it can be seen what was raised and how it was spent. So,

    if you still haven't signed the books and want to, there is a little

    bit of time. I am thinking the books will be sent off in November.

    Once again, thank you to everyone that helped. Give yourselves a big

    pat on the back and think of all the children you have helped in


    Annie x :wave:

  4. The draw to win the F80 entertainment system and the painting of the band has taken place, and I finally have been able to post the winners on the website - sorry for the delay. You can go here to have a look: memoriesinmusic.com Click on Contest on the left and the names are all posted.

    Congrats to the 2 main prize winners and the 6 runners up who won Zep tshirts. :D

  5. Just to say thanks for all your hard work and how nice it was to meet you, PageAngel.

    I was the Wolves fan who came along on the 23rd (I've been at the Rhythm Festival this weekend, not too far away and I've told loads of people about the exhibition, so maybe next time ....)

    Hope you had lots of support and thanks again.

    Oh hi again! It was a real pleasure chatting with you, and thanks for spreading the word about the exhibit. I hope you'll keep in touch for London as we try and pull it off again! My website is about to change over for the next go, so bookmark it (memoriesinmusic.com) and let me know if you have any ideas for the next one. All these great fans like yourself that I have been privileged to meet at Knebworth would be a wonderful addition to the ABC fund raising effort. It makes a really big difference to have genuine fans supporting events like this.

    Good luck to the Wolves this season! :wave:

  6. It was just fantastic meeting you too Ledded1, and Lee as well. I had such a great time chatting with you both. Thanks too for your generosity with the fund raising effort. It's wonderful to meet fans who love the band enough to contribute more than words, as we need cash to help the children. You're a real star.

    I enjoyed the work that went into the exhibit, and like a true glutton for punishment I'll be doing it all again next year if I can get the help again. If you'd still like to help, please keep in touch on the Memories in Music website. :wave:

  7. The competition to win the painting and the F80 entertainment system has now closed online, however you can still enter if you come to Knebworth House. The winner will be announced on September 3rd.

    Good luck to everyone that entered! Many thanks for helping the ABC Trust, and for making the exhibit possible with your entries. :thanku:

  8. Heading into the last week now. If any fans on the board would like to contribute, your help would be a blessing. I have programmes available, a few CD boxes left, and some lovely photos by Frank Melfi if you want to email me for details. And don't forget to sign the band member's guest books online if you wanted to. I was peeking at the House today and found someone had put in Robert's book, "Loved you with the Black Crowes and on Outrider - you're the best!" Oooops! :lol:

  9. Sorry to hear you can't make it MissHD - and after all your hard work setting everything up! I hope everything is OK with your family.

    Well, for anyone that can be there, I will be very happy to meet you. Is it 11:30 you were all meeting at the Barns? I'll be there if that is the right time. I have to be in the House at 12, but there's time for a coffee and a chat before then! :)

  10. I just had to mention that we have had fans coming from as far away as Cornwall and Scotland to see the exhibit, and two fans from Sweden! Amazing....

    With two weeks to go I am hoping for a lot more money to come in for the Trust, but the goodwill this has generated and the number of people that have offered to help with another exhibit means I will be able to make it bigger and better next time out. It's lovely to see, it really is. Some fans are so generous and are so excited to loan things on behalf of the charity. I had one super guy come yesterday who offered me some Marshall amps that he used to supply to Jimmy. He has some left over that weren't used and he is happy to loan them. Awesome! People have amazing things, and that they are willing to give them for the good of the work in Brazil is just so lovely.

  11. We certainly could use all the help we can get spreading the word about the contest. All help is greatly appreciated! I keep emailing everywhere I can asking for a link to be posted to the contest, but there is only one of me - the more the better if anyone has a bit of time and would like to help. Only 2 weeks left before the draw!

  12. My apologies you were disappointed with the programme poortom. I really like it a lot, and so does Zacron and others that previewed it, but I know it won't please everyone. As harlequin said, it had to have ads in it to help pay for the exhibit, and I tried to find sponsors that I thought would be of interest to Zeppelin fans. The ABC is not really an ad, as you need to know about where your money is going, my thanks page had to be included for everyone that helped deserved a thanks, Meridian and Aktiv portraits supplied the contest prizes and should you not win, you can buy an F80 and Jon will do a painting for you! The Great Frog made jewelery for the band, the UK rock shop has great tshirts and other Zeppelin items for sale, and St Paul's Gallery sells awesome album cover prints, and kindly loaned us LZ IV signed by Jimmy for the exhibit.

    I would have liked to have put more photos of the exhibit in the programme, but due to time limitations and access to the House issues, I was unable to do so this time. The next planned exhibit will be bigger, and the programme will feature the items in the exhibit more extensively. This time around I could only do what I did.

    I do hope you enjoyed the articles, and if not, you can enjoy the fact that you did help the children of Brazil with your contribution to the exhibit. £3 of your money went to the ABC, and the rest goes to cover the mailing costs and to cover the costs of the printer.

    I've received a lot of compliments on the programme too, so thanks to all of you for those. Please email me with your thoughts and ideas for the next programme. I'm always happy to hear from Zep fans who want to contribute. :)

  13. Everything that people purchase from the website helps! Thank you all so much.

    I'm about to update the site again to include some beautiful large shots of the band sent by Frank Melfi especially for the exhibit, and the leather cd boxes that were made by the bookbinder that made Jimmy's birthday book.

    I've sold 2 of Frank's large pics at the House already. As with every purchase, all sales go to the ABC Trust. :thumbsup:

  14. I read his series and enjoyed it as well. He sent me a message for the birthday book I did for Jimmy around this time last year. I didn't have a chance to email with him much, but he was very nice and even emailed me after he saw the book on the bookbinder's website to tell me he thought it was really nice.

    Not much info about how he's doing here, but at least it tells you he's out there and still participating in things Zeppelin. :)

  15. Just a report on the second weekend so far...

    We've sold a print of LZ III by Zacron and earned £300 for the ABC! That's terrific news, and hopefully we'll sell a few more. He's giving the frame for free if you buy them through the exhibit, and he's done a money off deal if you buy both the III cover and the print of the rotator wheel. Franks Melfi's poster-sized photos of the band are selling too - they really are spectacular! The programme is going too, as the articles are really great, and Frank's photos make it really nice. It's a nice thing to have if you can't come to the exhibit.

    I was told the exhibit got a mention in Classic Rock this month! I haven't seen it myself, so if anyone has it maybe you can do a quick post on it?

    The closing date for the contest is August 29th, and the more entries the better for the work in Brazil! I am trying my best to publicize it as much as I can, but if any fans out there can help out by emailing a link to the contest page of the website to boards, radio stations, newpapers - anywhere Zep fans might like a chance to win the prizes signed by Jimmy, I would would be so grateful for the help.

    More good news, there is huge interest in doing this again, and plans are underway. The website will be updated in the next few weeks to include the new project and I have some pretty interesting folks on board to help. We're aiming higher for the ABC funds, and I just know Zep fans will make a big difference to their work as more and more of them find out about the projects planned. :cheer:

  16. The programme that was created for the LZ Memorabilia Tribute at Knebworth is online at last to purchase. There is a limited print run of just 500 to sell at the House and online, so if you want one, you may need to be quick.

    If you have contributed to the exhibit by loaning memorabilia, you need not purchase one. A programme will be sent to you as my thanks for your generosity in loaning your treasures! All purchases of the programme benefit the ABC Trust.

    website: http://memoriesinmusic.com/prog.html

  17. Thanks PlanetPage.

    The photos of the signed radio and painting are up on the website - so now you can see what your prize will look like with the lovely Jimmy's signature on them. He's so awesome.... :wub:

    radio: http://memoriesinmusic.com/comp_f80.html

    painting: http://memoriesinmusic.com/comp_ptg.html

    I just noticed on the radio shot you can see his signature behind it as well on the print of LZ IV on loan from St Paul's Gallery. That's kind of fun! :D His signature is so nice, you may as well see it twice!

  18. The 16th will be fine Manu, I'll see you then. :)

    Thank you Ev. I'll email you when I get things a little more sorted out here. In all this excitement I've come home today to realise that I have nothing to wear as it is all currently residing in Annie's Laundry Mountain. :rolleyes:

    Just knowing your best wishes are with the exhibit is wonderful! I know you would have loaned something if you could have. :wave:

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