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  1. No band members attended the reception, and they were never expected. Should they wish to see the exhibit, special arrangements have been made for them to do so.

    Zacron was at the reception and opened it up for us. He's great! The rest of us were just all fans enjoying ourselves. Knebworth House is such an amazing setting and the staff are all wonderful. Martha Lytton-Cobbold was there serving drinks, clearing things away, and handing out programmes - the Lady of the Manor ! How nice is that?

    I've been doing a lot of press for the exhibit, which makes me so happy as it will bring in money for the ABC. I was interviewed for a Dublin radio station while I was drinking a coffee in Starbucks, been in the local papers, and more is coming on Monday Its mad!! :lol: But it is raising a lot of awareness for the ABC and it's great to be able to really help.

    The exhibit is popular and has a really nice atmosphere. Watching people smile and reminisce over the memorabilia is a a joy, and I get a lot of hugs from fans that are so happy to be able to see the display. All of the collectors who loaned things - be rightly proud of yourselves! You've done an amazing thing, for the children of Brazil as well as for other fans. Here's to you: :thanku:

  2. You're very welcome. I enjoyed working on this tremendously, and have gained a lot of invaluable experience and amazing contacts. Things are already underway for the next exhibit, and you wouldn't believe it, but people have come to this exhibit to ask if they can contribute to the next one. One man took a holiday in the area just to come see this and offer to help me with the next one. Isn't that great? I hope next time even more collectors will contribute. Seeing your treasures on a display and knowing the money is not making the organisers rich but is all going to make a lasting difference in the world is a great, great thing. Your memorabilia can help the band's charities and make people smile...it's fantastic! Watching fans light up when they see things is so special. I had a 13 year old today who was so happy to see the memorabilia and he thanked me for making him feel like a real proper Zeppelin fan. Awwww....

  3. I'll be there! I really look forward to meeting all of you that are able to come. I met Lilith today - poor girl - she arrived when I did and I put her to work setting labels out on the exhibit! The exhibit is popular and people queue up to get in, so I was in a bit of a flap trying to get things done with people arriving so soon after opening! Thanks Lilith! :)

    I'll be there on the 23rd too Manu, so announce yourself when you come in. I'm easy to spot.

    How much is it to get in the Zep exhibit ?

    It doesn't cost anything to get into the exhibit. It's free with a ticket to the House and Gardens.

    The support we've had is amazing. We've already sold out of some items in the gift shop and it is only the 2nd day of the exhibit! We're going to really help the children in Brazil. Thank you Zep fans!!! :notworthy:

  4. We had a lovely Zep fan volunteer to take photos of the reception party, and a photo of the exhibit display will be in the programme as well, so if you can't be here you will get to see the display.

    What I really need everyone to do is reach in your pocket for The ABC Trust and enter the contest. I'm not making a single penny from this exhibit, and the contest prizes and merchandise has been donated. It's all for the charity and I hope the fans of Zeppelin will make the band proud and raise a lot of money in their honour. My part is almost done for this event, it's over to you all now. :wave:

  5. It sounds truly wonderful, PageAngel. I can't wait to see the exhibition (and yes, I want to buy a programme!)

    See you next weekend, if you're there!

    A very excited Lilith! :cheer:

    I'll be there. Let me know when you'll be around and I'll come meet up with you if you like. :)

    You can get all the stories about bringing all the items together from everywhere in the world and then building the stand with the massive distraction of all the Jimmy pics everywhere - stuff like how I smashed my finger with the hammer building this, dropped this part of the glass case on my foot, tripped over this section here... :lol:

  6. Thanks everyone. It is a monumental job, but a lot of fun too! Last night we framed an Electric Magic poster from 71. It's well worn and torn at the bottom, but it is gorgeous! It's huge and hasn't lost any of its beautiful colour. What an amazing thing to see. We have the tickets from both shows as well - I noticed they spelled Zeppelin wrong on the tickets!

    Zacron has loaned his archival prints of 3 - the cover and the rotator wheel, plus the photo spread that appeared in the Daily Mail before the O2 show...was that the Mail? I'll have to check, anyway I think you all will know the one I mean. He's also loaned some very special items...so super!!!

    Frank Melfi made some beautiful large photos of the band, as well as some smaller ones to sell for the ABC; and the programme is getting its final edit Monday. I am thinking of making it a limited edition of just 500. It's very special with Zacron and Frank Melfi writing new pieces for it.

    It's just been wonderful how people have responded to this event, and I hope a lot more of you will enter the contest or buy something so we can raise lots of money for the ABC! It's a great way to thank the band for 40 years of fabulous music - helping children in need rather than lining someone else's pockets. It's a nice feeling to do something of lasting value for the band. :)

  7. I was supposed to have the information up on the website about buying programmes online a long time ago, but so much has happened I haven't got around to it yet. Apologies. They will be for sale over the web, so if you check back in about a week or so, it should be there. If not, will someone please remind me again? Things will be less manic after the 31st.

  8. Hi PageAngel,

    Thanks for the hard work and wonderful opportunity for great cause for ABC...Just wondering, how is the "squeezing" of entries coming along...I am supporting by entering the contest several times, but I am not sure if there is still room for personal entries...thanks for answering

    (by the way I earlier wanted to find you Zep MEMRBLIA, but this Site already had few articles from the shows here back then.. I visited the Library historics and few emails, but to not much avail this time...

    Anyway if you could quickly let us know about are chances of entries officially accepted, I really appreicated...ofcourse fans will still donate

    Thanks for your support PlanetPage. The guest book entries are still being accepted, so please go ahead and send yours. I think I may have a supplement printed to add to each of the guest books for the online comments. It's always better to get in sooner rather than later though!

  9. Hey Angel, this is picking up a bit of coverage http://www.gigwise.com/news/44825/led-zepp...sive-exhibition

    Fantastic Effort.

    Hope to see you there.

    Thanks. :) If you let me know when you are going to be there, I will certainly make an effort to meet you. I'd love to meet as many fans as I can.

    A documentary....gosh I don't think that will be possible. The programme is cool though. Zacron wrote a special piece just for it, and so did Frank Melfi, my pal the Zep fan music journalist, and one of the collectors. It's a great read, and buying one benefits the ABC. :)

    Thanks for posting the publicity links. they are very hard to keep track of. THis one is a really good one: http://www.planetrock.co.uk//Article.asp?id=797225

  10. The picture of the robe Jimmy is wearing in the posted pic is very similar to the one I have here. The one for the Knebworth display is a cream colour, identical in style. It's got "Jimmy" embroidered in burgundy on the lapel and the back says, "Led Zeppelin The 1980's Part One." It's really lovely to see it and looks spectacular with all the great memorabilia surrounding it. It will have Bonzo's jacket alongside it very soon. :D

    I would never even joke about not returning it. Every person who was kind enough to loan me an item will get it returned to them as soon as the exhibit is over. I appreciate them so much for making the exhibit possible, and would never replace or keep one single thread of anything they entrusted to my care. :)

    Another of my most favourite things is a 1969 tour book. What a lovely thing! And the programmes I have - all with tickets - wow, it's amazing it really is. The collectors really stepped up here and have done an amazing job. As any collector will know, it's not easy to put these things in the mail or have me drive off with them. They're wonderful for doing this for the charity. :notworthy:

  11. An update for those interested - the memorabilia has been arriving at my house from far and wide! I'm on a first name basis with the FedEx guy, who this morning waited to watch me open a box. He said, "Blimey, you could scream for England." :lol: It's so exciting! Honestly it's like Christmas here opening boxes and pulling out all these treasures. All of you who loaned something to help the children in Brazil - YOU ROCK!!! B)

    Good heavens....Jimmy's tour robe is in my lounge!!! :cheer:

  12. Allright! I got my fav denizen of the airwaves and local GTLO ( Get The Led Out ) mistress to mention the fabulous Knebworth Exhibit on her page:


    I think they still need to fix the link, I'll follow up with them tomorrow, but in case you're taking the extra strength Mandrax...


    Pay a visit, enter the 'raffle' or just make a donation to help support Casa Jimmy, and sign the guestbook. Let Led Zeppelin know how much you as a fan appreciate all the great music and vibes they given us over the years.

    Alas I won't be there but some of my stuff will. Then I'll have to pry it outta Annie's hands to get it back! ; )

    Great work Annie!

    Don't you worry Nech - I promise you will get your wonderful stuff back. Remember - I have a plan! ;)

    Thanks to everyone that has entered so far. Keep the entries coming in for the ABC Trust!

  13. Thanks Amazonic. It's not just me though, a lot of people have come together to make this possible! If you enter the contest or buy a programme, it will all benefit the ABC Trust. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that the Led Zeppelin fans will raise a lot of money for the Trust. I think we might make a big impression in honour of the band for their 40th. I am sure Zeppelin fans are the best of any band and I can't wait to see how much they raise!

    I did have a wonderful fan in the USA send me 200.000 dollars towards the exhibit costs so more we raise can go to the ABC. Isn't that super?

  14. Just pulling this thread up to say that if you want to have anything considered for the Knebworth display, I have to hear from you no later than Friday July 4th. I am full up now, but if someone is wanting to take part, I will still consider things until then. The exhibit stand has to be ordered by that date, so it's the last chance.

    I just want to say as well to everyone that wrote to me, everyone that was willing to help, everyone who did help, even though it seemed insignificant to you, believe me, it wasn't. I appreciate you all greatly. Even if you just wrote to say I wish I could help and good luck, I appreciate it all. I am so happy that so many people were willing to send their treasured memorabilia to me, a total stranger, just because they love the band and want to help the ABC Trust in their name on the 40th anniversary of Zep's formation. I hope that now we can make the band proud by raising a lot of money.

    You know, lots of people want something from the members of Zeppelin, some of it is good - like wanting an autograph, or to see them play again, or to shake their hands; some not so good - to draw attention to themselves using Zep's fame, to make money off them, to gossip about them; I've met all types setting up this event, but I hope the good will win the day with this little effort at Knebworth, and we can give them something with no strings attached, just a 'Thanks we love you all, and here's proof: A nice big cheque for the children of Brazil from the fans of Led Zeppelin on your 40th.' I can't do the big cheque part, so I hope a lot of you will come enter the contest or buy something from the exhibit to help me make another dream of mine come true, to keep expressing my gratitude to the band for all they gave. You all did when the book came together for Jimmy, and here I am again asking you to give with nothing in return - well, we do have a fab radio/cd/dvd player, a painting, and six t shirts for 8 winners! But for the rest, just the joy of giving will be the reward, and of course, Zeppelin can repay you with all their music. It will always be there to make you happy, and wow, wasn't it wonderful?

    Thanks again to you all. :kiss:

  15. I'm glad so many of you liked the book, and super glad he liked it! It was a marathon project, but really I enjoyed doing it. Jimmy is a wonderfully positive influence on my life and I wanted to thank him for that.

    You can still send him a message Spacewoman. The Knebworth exhibit of Zep memorabilia I am organising this August as a tribute to the band will have a guest book for each of them that will be sent to them when the exhibit ends in September. You can sign the books online if you can't make it to the exhibit. Just go here: memoriesinmusic.com and click on 'Guestbooks' on the left.

    For anyone who wants to send a message, please remember that this is a thanks to them for their music. Please don't write anything too long, anything inappropriate, and please, don't send pictures, your address, phone numbers, or ask them for ANYTHING. Anything other than nice messages of thanks will be deleted, and will be removed from the books at Knebworth too. You wouldn't think I'd have to say that, but sadly I do.... :blink:

  16. PageAngel,

    once more I am astonished by your unique and creative ideas. The painting is superb!

    All the best for the event.

    Gosh...thanks. I hope we can raise a lot of money for The ABC. All my ideas mean nothing if the fans don't like the prizes or the things I have to sell to raise funds. If you can enter, please do! And if you can't, perhaps you can spread the word about the contest far and wide! It's really all down to Zeppelin's fans how this event really goes.

    Thanks so much to the board's admin for making this a pinned topic. It helps a lot. :thanku:

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