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  1. Thanks slave to zep. I wish you could be there too. I have a nice Zep fan that volunteered to be our official photographer for the evening, so they'll be lots of pics to see.

    I hope everyone likes the prizes and will enter the contests. The radio is right around the $3,000 dollar mark, and the painting is amazing. Only the best for Zep fans!

    Edit to add - by evening I mean the evening of the reception, as the exhibit runs for 33 days.

  2. Another thing I should mention is that each band member will have a guest book made for them for visitors to the exhibit to sign. I didn't want to leave out those who couldn't make it to Knebworth, so if you visit the web page and click on Guest Books link, you can leave your messages of thanks to the band for 40 years of music! I'll fit in as many as I can from the website entries. Each band member has his own book, so you have to sign them separately. John's will be sent to his family.

  3. Visit the website for the Led Zeppelin Memorabilia Exhibit at Knebworth House that has been organized as a tribute to the band this year, and enter the contests to win a very classy piece of audio equipment and a painting of Zep done by a fantastic artist. Every entry helps the ABC Trust!

    Exhibit website: memoriesinmusic.com

    I wish you all good luck. That painting has been hanging on my wall for the past few months, so I hope it goes to a home that will love it as much as I did! I have to get Jon to paint me another one.... :D

  4. are you expecting to hear something tourrific??????

    No this wasn't about a tour - that wouldn't be posted in this thread. Nech is referring to the fact that the exhibit was mentioned on the radio in NYC. That's great news, and it is all thanks to Nech. The exhibit is getting quite a lot of attention, with more to come, and I am hoping that means a lot of money will come in for The ABC Trust.

    Aqua - the cd cases will be on sale through our website. I'll let you know when they are ready and reserve you one if you like. But keep in mind they are expensive as they are being handmade by the man who made Jimmy's book for me. They are a limited edition and will be numbered, as he is only going to be able to make 30 or so. They are travel cases holding 10 cds and will be made of black leather with all four of the band's symbols embossed on the front in either gold or silver. They'll be lovely as I am sure anyone who has seen the work he did on Jimmy's book will know!

    We'll have other things to sell too - Zep inspired jewelry, programs of the exhibit, photos given to us by the amazing Zep photographer Frank Melfi, prints by Led Zep III's album cover artist Zacron, and of course there is a contest everyone can enter. All the details will be available shortly! :D

  5. You're very welcome! I just wish we could afford to ship my stuff over there and back, but I had it priced and frankly there'd be little left for the ABC, y'know? I'll be there in spirit though, for sure! :D

    Well I know. Maybe next time? We just have to do this again in a bigger space. I've been offered so many things and I know I won't be able to display it all. Still, what I have is amazing! It's such a privilege to see all these things, and the collectors that have contributed are just the best. They're going to raise a lot of money for those children in Brazil. :cheer:

    By the way - if anyone knows when they are coming, if you'd care to meet me, I'd sure love to meet as many of you as I possibly can. :)

  6. sorry forgot to mention the O2 arena concert, I WAS THERE, best night of my life, a 43 year old man actually crying :-)

    Well I was crying too, and I'm your age. The guy next to me was crying as well. In fact, I think almost everyone around me was crying at some point, so you weren't alone!

    I'd love to use your stories in the programme. Thanks so much for replying. If you send me your email in a pm I'll be in touch! Give me a while though as I am buried in things to do. :wave:

  7. Hi beatbo! :wave: Wish you could be here too! But, for those that can't I have arranged for the exhibit to be photographed and put in the programme. It will be available to purchase online, and buying it will help cover the cost of the exhibit and benefit the ABC Trust. Not as fun as a trip to Knebworth, but not bad.

    If you run across BIGDAN send him my way! :)

  8. Hi Medhb! :wave: Please keep all your body parts intact, real or longed for!

    I'm so happy to hear fans are planning to come see the exhibit. We also have some amazing things for sale (not memorabilia) all for the ABC Trust, and a contest to win a couple of super prizes. A website for the event will be up shortly with all the details. I have had such a super response from collectors and people willing to donate things to sell completely free of charge for the ABC, it's fantastic. One of my favourite items comes from the bookbinder who made the gift book I commissioned for Jimmy. He is doing some handmade leather CD cases with the four symbols embossed on them - limited numbered editions! They'll be amazing.

  9. Hi everyone! Just thought I would put out a call to all the fans here that have a memory of attending a Zeppelin show or perhaps meeting the band or talking to people who have met/worked with them. I'd like to include them in the programme for the Knebworth Memorabilia Exhibit this August. As well as scattering them around the programme I will also feature them on their own page. If you want to participate, keep it as short as you can and include your name and where you are from (i.e. Jack from Anytown, UK). I'll need them no later than June 16th. You can email them to me, or I'll grab them from here.

    Thanks! :)

  10. Thanks for resurrecting the thread harlequin! I just don't have time to update everyone or try and keep it on the first page of the forum.

    I just want to clarify that not ALL the profits will go to The ABC, as I will have to take out the money needed to set up the exhibit - mainly the cost of hiring the exhibit stand for a month, and the event insurance. I may be able to find a sponsor to cover these costs, but if not, then it has to come from the money raised. It will be as low as I can keep it, so that everything else can go to the ABC. Anyone interested in contributing towards the cost of staging this event, please step forward! A website for the exhibit will be up soon with all the details.


  11. :o Oh my goodness - I certainly didn't expect a birthday thread for me! Wow - thanks so very much. I've been away for a bit this Easter, and then caught this dreadful cold, so this thread is such a nice thing to come back to. You all are so wonderful - thank you!!! Gosh this really has made my day....


  12. Good stuff! The printer tells me he can get a photo of the exhibit in the program if it is all set up by 1pm on the afternoon of the reception, which is very cool. I really wanted the actual display in the program if at all possible. I thought he would need a day at least, but he only needs about 5 hours.

  13. I don't know Caroline, I deal with the House Operations Manager, who is called Mia. She was telling me today how busy they are getting everything ready for opening day. Pity we didn't gt a mention, but the exhibit will be around in the media soon. A PR firm is donating their time to help out. :)

    The house is really lovely, and it's a real privilege that we were given the use of it and can hold our reception in it before the exhibit opens to the public. I don't know if they used the inside of the house for Batman, but my daughter tells me they definitely used the outside. It's the first thing she said when she saw it, "Oh the Batman house." LOL To me it is the house LZ were standing in front of for some pics. :lol:

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