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  1. Thanks PlanetPage, anywhere you can find memorabilia will be greatly appreciated. The more people we have hunting around, the better. :thumbsup:

    Hey Suz...Maybe you can visit your family before the exhibit? Or after? How about if you just bring them with you? We'll be selling programs, so at the very least you can have one of those if you can't make it, and you'll be helping the ABC Trust buying one too, so it's good all around. :D

  2. Gosh all these thanks for me! You're all very welcome. I feel silly taking any thanks though because it wasn't really work talking to other people who are fans of Jimmy's. It was great fun! I've made a lot of nice internet friends through the project. It was all good, and to think that Jimmy has it, well...it's perfect. :yay:

  3. First, a big thank you to SunChild for proof reading the text in the information packets I have been sending out - they have managed to impress a career journalist, which it certainly wouldn't have had you not done that important piece of work - thank you so much!!

    Thanks also to everyone that has been sending me such good ideas for the exhibit, I have implemented a lot of them and really appreciate the suggestions, from Baroness Von Zeppelin in particular.

    Thanks to the people who have memorabilia that have replied and are offering their items. It's so exciting to think what will be on display! If you received the information and haven't replied and are considering loaning something, it would help me a lot if I knew what you are willing to loan before the 14th this month.

    I have a flyer that a friend made on the exhibit and she is posting them around where she lives, in music stores and on bulletin boards in various places. If anyone would like to do that, pm me and I will send you the flyer she made.

    For the more creative board members out there - I'm looking for ideas for a cover design for the program. The exhibit is titled "Memories in Music 1968 - 2008." All ideas for a cool cover design will be greatly appreciated. Just remember we will need permission to use material with a copyright.


  4. I know the guy who runs that ebay shop if it is the same one. He is giving several hundred pieces of his jewelry to the Knebworth exhibit so all the profits can go to charity - great guy. I'd put his link here...but are we allowed?

  5. LOL...yeah I get looked at strange if I start to go on about Jimmy too much. Hazard of living with a family that doesn't succumb to his numerous charms...somehow. :huh:

    But at least I can close out this thread now by saying mission accomplished! Dreams really can come true.... :)

  6. Hi PageAngel - please let us know if there is a specific date (or dates) that the Zep Heads are planning to gather at Knebworth! I'm planning to take a couple of days off work and travel down to see the exhibition, so it would be nice to be there at a time when other forum members are around too! Thank you - you really are an angel! :)

    I'll keep you posted. Oh and I better PM you on something....

  7. I'd love to meet up with anyone who might plan on coming to see the Zep memorabilia exhibit at Knebworth in August. I already have people contacting me from the States who are flying over to see it, so if we can possibly coordinate a bit we can do something around the exhibit. :D

  8. Oh you all....you're so sweet. I am excited for everyone that put a message in the book that I didn't let you down and Jimmy actually has them to read. Lady Raven I agree - it is crazy to think about! I've been rather speechless the past 48 hours, a condition I am not normally in!

    I am certain he will love every message in there. All his fans that wrote in were so genuinely full of love and respect for him and I am so glad he has a record of that. Like I said before, it's great to have the praise of fellow musicians and other celebrities, but no one can top what his ordinary fans had to say. I hope the messages will affect him like his music affects us, because they are powerful and just plain honest and real. And like his music, they contain all the emotions of life. Jimmy has amazing fans! :thanku:

    I do have a few ideas about another project, and I will let you all know if I get it going. But the Knebworth project is my priority of the moment now.

  9. Well everyone, Jimmy has the book. Here is what I was told by the person who gave it to him...

    "Jimmy took it away with him at the end of our meeting. He was very impressed by the whole design and craftsmanship and thought it really was a beautiful piece of work. He was also very touched by the messages he read in just the short-time he looked at it while we were together – and said that he would spend more time reading it at another time. He asked me to thank you for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift and that he was looking forward to looking at it more closely."

    Oh my goodness I am so thrilled to pieces he likes it. I hope it gives him lots of joy to read, and of course, one of those amazing smiles of his! :wub:

    Thanks so much everyone for all your nice messages of encouragement in this thread while I fretted over this. I am so very happy!! And a bit amazed to think that I have actually given the man I admire most in the world a gift he likes! :cheer: Oh I can die a happy, happy woman now!

  10. Any word yet? Enquiring minds want to know! :D

    Not yet. But I am not expecting to hear from Jimmy himself, you all understand that right? I am only expecting to hear from the person giving it to him that he has it. It should be anytime in the next 3 days. :)

  11. I'm making waves baby!

    Haha. :lol: That's cool.

    LOL...you sure are!

    Just wanting to say thanks to everyone who has received the information on the exhibit and have contacted me to offer help or memorabilia to display. This exhibit is really going to be a blessing to those little children in Brazil with all you collectors and Zep fans out there helping. You all are the best!!! :notworthy:

  12. Well I certainly do feel the love, thanks a bunch! :thanku:

    Lots of other people helping also deserve a big lot of love! I certainly couldn't do this alone, and I think the list of people to thank in the program and at the reception will be really long! But thank them I will - each and every one!

    I braved the cold and posted all the information packs today to everyone that requested one. The post office attendant in this little village said he has never had a request for postage to Norway before, so Henrik, you've made an impression! :D

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