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  1. Yep I've got it Henrik. Your info on the exhibit is going out in Monday's post. zengak...what did I tell you in our email? ME: :'( Anyway I am hoping to find a whole company of Angels to help with this for those little sweet children in Brazil.
  2. Just adding - this exhibit is not relating to the Knebworth concerts alone. There seems to be a confusion there that all we want is Knebworth memorabilia... The exhibit is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the formation of Zep, so we want everything, not just Knebworth things. The exhibit is called, "Led Zeppelin: Memories in Music, 1968 - 2008" We want everything from their days as a band, and including the O2 Show. Just thought I'd make that really clear.
  3. Thanks alwizard03. Dave Lewis has been very kind and put the exhibit in the latest issue of his magazine. He's been very helpful, and I understand he has a few items in his collection he would be willing to loan. If you'd like the information pack on the exhibit, just pm me your email address, or postal address depending on which version of the pack you'd like. Reggie29 - it's on its way Monday morning! And lusting4jimmy, I just need to know which version of th epack you'd like and the relevant details. Thanks guys!
  4. Thanks Sunchild! It's a really super painting. I'll have the details up on how everyone can enter for a chance to own it closer to the actual exhibit. For now I just want to keep people updated on everything. The information packs are ready to post. If you haven't requested one already let me know and one will be on its way to you in Monday morning's post.
  5. Suz, I sure wish you could come too! We'll be sure to take a lot of pics for you. And I am trying to plan a raffle that everyone can take part in online, so you might win something! Then even though you can't be there you can still help the ABC! Yay! Hi peppermint. What kinds of things have you got in your collection? If you'd consider loaning anything to the exhibit that would be really great. I'll be glad to send you the information pack.
  6. Here is the picture that was used to make the painting we will either auction or raffle: And here is the painting, donated by local artist Jon Ellinor: Sorry about the slight glare from the flash. It's a really amazing painting - many thanks to Jon for donating it so all the profits can go to the ABC Trust! It's a joy to have it in my house until the exhibit! Oh I am going to keep him so busy painting Jimmy for me....
  8. PageAngel

    ...and JOY

    Great news! It's nice when people make a difference.
  9. Feel better The Bomber. I am sure almost everyone here hopes you get a chance to see them play one day, despite the unfairness of life in general! It gets to us all sometimes.
  10. PageAngel


    We're luckier than some though because I bet quite a lot of us on this board would agree that we have access to one magic wand that makes things feel better....
  11. PageAngel


    Oh...I wish I had a magic wand to make everyone who suffers with depression, or any other kind of problems, better. I can surely relate to many of the things I read here. A big hug to all of you and I'll be sending out as much positive energy and good thoughts for you all as I can. The thing that helped me most in my struggles was remembering that circumstances change, and what is today doesn't have to be tomorrow; and find something that makes you see the beauty in life, come what may. Grab on to that person/object whatever it is, and let it keep reminding you to look at the stars.
  12. I see what you're saying Zephyrus. You want things to be fair because so many ordinary people wanted to go and celebrities got to go who didn't enter the lottery, people bought tickets, etc. All I am saying is that no system will be fair to everyone, someone will always go that you didn't think deserved to, or someone will cheat the system or the method chosen to give out the tickets will not be fair to some. See what I mean?
  13. Oh thanks! I sort of made it, limited as I am in the computer department. I found the stairway pic and then thought Oooo! Let's turn this into MY stairway to heaven....
  14. Sex and Music...brilliant. I think some of us Zep gals could really have contributed to that issue. Woo!
  15. Yay! I am pretty sure a few of my friends have had a go. Lets hope for a huge bidding war!
  16. The real truth we are seeing here is that life isn't fair to everyone at all times, and there isn't any way possible to overcome that fact. You can try as hard as you like, but no matter what you do, someone will be left out. If Zeppelin started playing every major city from now until they couldn't do it anymore and gave all the tickets away to the most deserving, the most loyal the most whatever category you choose, they still would not be able to please everyone or even get everyone in who wants to see them play. You just have to let these things go, enjoy the music and count yourself lucky you have access to it. You'll be so much happier then.
  17. Oh yeah.... it can be rough.... Moving swiftly on....I love reading these, and this is exactly the type of thing I got for Jimmy's book, all these really fun memories people have. I have loads of them myself. Two of my favorites are special to me and my brother Bobby. When we had the chance to be on our own we'd sometimes end up talking over rough times, and when it got too emotional he'd look over say not to be too sad because one day it would be better. Then he'd sing, "I'll meet you up there," and I'd join in, "where the path runs straight and high." And Jimmy playing Bron Yr Aur...we'd say we will never be without a hug no matter what because we could get one from Jimmy whenever we needed one, and we'd play that song. I swear it feels like a hug to me.
  18. Oh my I have never gone a day, unless absolutely forced by circumstances, without Zeppelin since 1972. And it plays in my head as well...I go to sleep hearing them and wake up hearing them...but I love it absolutely. I do listen to a huge wide variation in music, anything from chanting monks to bagpipes to Beethoven - I've never subscribed to that strange idea that if you like Zeppelin you can't possible like other artists or styles of music, but Zeppelin (and I include all their solo works in that) is always always playing 'round here. My friends joke that it's like Jimmy Page muzak at my house - it's always on in the background. I guess I can see why people put it down for a while, or even why some leave it all together, it is just different personalities and their different life situations and needs, but for me, my life always needs Zeppelin in it, or I'm lost. Oh - I guess I now have to go on the hunt for Playboy...at least that Zeppelin related purchase will have some compensation for my long suffering husband!
  19. PageAngel

    Plant wins Grammy

    Congrats Robert and Allison - another reason to smile today! Woo!!
  20. Thanks tyedye...remember though - it's Zeppelin that's amazing!! I'm just a cheerleader ... You never know I might borrow your tapestry. People seem to get the idea that it has to be all spectacular rare stuff of the band to display, but I do want things that fans have - it's all memorabilia, and all cool to look at when it is displayed nicely. I'd love to find an old jacket full of Zeppelin badges or buttons, even school notebooks decorated with Zeppelin stuff. Those kinds of things are a lot of fun to see on a display. So even if you have one old patch or badge - please let me know if you are willing to let us borrow it! Great idea Lee about he crowd shot at Knebworth. I am pretty sure the House will actually have that, so I'll have a check and see. You all are being so helpful with your thoughts and ideas - keep them coming!
  21. Well I am happy and satisfied too - and I am SO GLAD to hear Robert wants to do something else with Strange Sensation, I absolutely love them! And I really want Jimmy to do his album...whatever happens its just all so exciting! How can it not be when you have these amazingly talented men out there performing in whatever form they choose? It's WONDERFUL!!!
  22. No problem at all...I'm really glad to do it. I mean if they are sweet enough to sign it, it's nothing to send a few emails. I bet more people could do that too - some come on all you Zep fans, get emailing your Zep fan friends! We have to be a blessing to these people in hospice.
  23. Oh darn! Well I've emailed a few people I think might be interested, so that might help get it moving. I'll see who else I can get interested.
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