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  1. I liked the intro to Good times and Jason on the drums its a really infectious song I couldnt go to the gig as I live in Australia but I appreciate looking at the clips so far. I also watched No Quarter and cried alot because its a fantastic goosebumps song and JPJ is just a great wonderful musician. Thanks so much to everyone posting what you could its appreciated by so many fans. We cant wait to get the DVD if released. Thats a best seller already !
  2. thanks for the beautiful photos of Jason he is a lovely man.
  3. I think its time us Zep fans took some kind of positive action about a tour. For example why not everyone just write to their management ...that would mean about a million letters, or a petition of some kind...be assured the guys and management most likely look at this forum. Or a thread here for reading with everyones name and country like an online petition though I guess all of these threads speak for themselves. everyone with hopes and all of those who missed out...maybe all it takes is Robert to say yes maybe after this tour with Alison who knows...please Robert. thanks.
  4. I agree what we really want...... ..its nice to see Robert and Alison out and about but what about all of the Zep fans...which are really Roberts backing all of these years...any way thats for another forum I will jump to. Good Luck Robert on your tour forthcoming.
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