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    Girls, guitars, cars. Guitars, girls, cars. Cars, guitars, girls, etc. Oh, and Led Zeppelin
  1. Interesting, insightfull and well written article. Everyone here should read it for what it is. Maybe more focus should be given to Kasmir since Page has stated this is THE definitive Led Zeppelin song, not Stairway to Heaven. Lemon
  2. Hi Cali, I'm new here, trying to make friends. Greeting from rainy Southern California. Where are you located in Australia? It's such a huge beautiful place! Lemon
  3. I agree that Zep is not a political band. Politics polarize people, music is supposed transcend barriers. I couldn't imaging anti-war or patriotism lyrics in any zep song. I love what they did for the melding of musical genes, soundscape and musical ecstasy.
  4. Yes, a Wanger, Tool, Johnson, etc. Ever see The Song Remains the Same?...it's sticking in your face whether you want it or not. Robert is obviously gifted in that realm.
  5. I just joined too. Welcome, since we are Zeppelin fans. Have a great day.
  6. Well Lynne, if it's food/eggs related, dunno. If you were eating Lemons it may be something else altogeter. Maybe that would be more interesing??? Lemon Ocean Hills
  7. HMMMM, too weird. I should have post a pic of Plant's schlong...that would bring EVERBODY in for a reply.
  8. Too much personal smack here. But FWIW. I love Led Zeppelin. What else is there?...Hockey, gimme a break, what a flippin' waste! PUT DOWN YOUR PUCK AND PICK UP A GUITAR.
  9. To All in Zeppelin Land, I think you will agree that Zep is more than a band or group of musicians...but something that speaks on a different level we can't quite grasp. People keep searching for meaning and Page's vision brings them there. Doubleneck Vision The melding of musical genes, violin bows, theremins, mandolins, mellotrons, echoplex, kettle drums, P and Jazz bass, drop-tuned Martins and swirling low frequency drones are the equal to musical ectasy. The hands and minds behind them are divine. David Monrovia, CA
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