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  1. ok here's a new one for yas..! ‘Beop!’ - a band reportedly in a ‘time-bubble’ – have begun transmission trials and are beaming songs and messages into the 21st century. Not all consoles can receive their signal as they are broadcasting from the future. Test if you can get their signal at: http://www.thebeop.com
  2. That means I'm only 2 degrees from Jeff now... YES!
  3. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? Jimmy, Robert? Well, this could be your chance. There’s a theory that everyone in the world is connected by no more than six degrees of separation, and Tooheys Extra Dry want four Australians to help prove it. We all know great conversations happen over a beer. So, armed with a six pack, you’ll have the task of meeting five different people in the hope that each of them will move you one step closer to meeting your hero. So, if you’re over 18 and want to be in a TV show where you could meet your hero, let us know. For details visit http://www.6beersofseparation.com.au Entries close 30 November, 2008.
  4. Yeah you scored... did anyone catch the Dark Knight + Pineapple Express trailer? It's pretty funny! http://www.mythumbismycock.com/?ecardId=38...3my6wa6xy2vd2ek
  5. Anyone excited to see this new pot-venture comedy? Personally I cant wait after seeing the trailer. Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Superbad) is a stoner who gets in some adventures with his drug dealer after witnessing a murder. Rosie Perez makes a comeback as the bad guy! It looks hilarious! Check out the trailer and a very funny trailer crasher where you can upload your face and star in one of the funny scenes.... http://www.mythumbismycock.com.au
  6. I saw Angry Anderson and Rose Tattoo open for the Gunners in 1992 in Sydney.... Greatest live experience I've ever had!
  7. Although Peter Garrett getting stoned with Daniel Johns is pretty good too....
  8. ...is it acceptable for the Prime Minister to eat his ear wax, play Doom, and check his Facebook while the whole country watches... Ruddy at 'work' I love this country maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!!
  9. In my job, I come across some interesting social campaigns. Here is one that I think most of you might find worthwhile spending two or three of your hard-earned mouse-clicks on. Absolut (yes the vodka people) are running a global campaign that’s ‘challenging the status quo’ by presenting thought provoking visions of life in “An Absolut World”. They showcase five 'visions', and whichever is voted for the most, they will make come true mid-2008. My favourite vision is that “Celebrity culture should be about real achievement”. This might be the wrong forum to rant, but I think it’s about time we recognised those in our community who are trying to make a REAL difference. Anyone care to agree/disagree? Who’s with me people? Vote here…. http://www.inanabsolutworld.com.au/ Looking forward to reading some of your thoughts on this one (and maybe a bit of lively discussion?) Sammy G....
  10. Well I thoroughly recommend it... the latter, that is!
  11. Obama baby... let's hope so anyway... for all our sakes!
  12. Back in the days when I was young and single, I kept hearing that girls used to hang out in gay bars so that they wouldnt be hit on by guys. As a desperate youth looking for love, that made me think that gay bars were the untapped Shangri-La where I would find my goddess (at least for one night anyway). Except for one thing ..... ... I forgot about all the gay guys there .... These Aussie Truth Hunter guys obviously thought the same thing: YouTube: Gay Bar Pick-up Anyone else have any brilliant ideas in their youth?
  13. I have to tell the story of a friend whose boyfriend cheated on her ... its a pretty nasty story involving her best friend and over a year of going behind her back... When she found out... by seeing her friend's missed calls on his phone, and when he left an email from the other girl on his screen... she didnt get mad, she didnt get angry, she just got even...! A sweet revenge Needless to say she created "headlines" amongst his family.... He deserved it...
  14. sammygee

    Howdy ...

    Thanks all for the warm welcome... I'm enjoying it already!
  15. That's weird cause he looks like a gelding to me!
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