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  1. "Zep" Take the grateful dead, who with out garcia, are now "the dead". Led Zeppelin without robert plant is, Zep.
  2. I'm 13 and have loved LZ for almost 3 years now. I had listened to them almost my whole life (my dad always has the classic rock station on) but only discovered them a few years ago. I caught notice to them a few years ago and was hooked. I'm surrounded by people who love rap, and i just can't stand it. LZ to me is real music, even todays rock isn't "real music". The whole aura of the band got me hooked to them. I will love them forever.
  3. I'm 13 and have liked led zeppelin for 3 years now and i didn't need my music video games. I don't like the idea of other kids who aren't true Zep fans saying they are, most people i meet say their favorite song is stairway . If you truly like LZ you would have found them already not through a video game (After hearing my dad always have Q104.3 on the radio i would then soot through our collossal cd collection to find the songs, which is how i came across Led) As much i would like to play the songs in the games, and this is coming from a kid who plays music games alot and loves Zep, keep Zepp
  4. I think this whole thing was misheard and taken the wrong way by someone; and has now escalated into something it never should be. I happen to like both KISS and LZ(of course on a way different level than KISS). I think this is a dead topic. Your getting no where with this.
  5. Eddie and Alex Van Halen both saw them most likely. Definitely Eddie I think I remember reading he was inspired after seeing Page live once.
  6. the 80s for me is the crue and van halen
  7. I heard my dad listening to them. I was only 8 at the time but now only a few years later I am in love with them.
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