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  1. OK fellow Zep Heads. I solved the problem thanks to slagfarmer and jaimerosario. Since I have the Led Zep DVD AND the 3 Disc How the West Was Won, I wanted the songs that were on the DVD but not on the Audio. Either you all are trying to tell me that there is a Led Zep DVD that you can also listen to (which I didn't find online) or you dont know what the hell I'm looking for! Anyway, I downloaded a DVD Ripper and not only do I have the whole DVD audio on my iPod, I have the whole DVD video there as well. Now I can enjoy the whole DVD on the go. Any questions? Gotta have LED...
  2. I got the SRTS collectors edition as an xmas gift last year and sent away for the poster within a week or so with a check for $3.75 I think for shipping & handling. Not a lot of money but I am disappointed nonetheless. I wonder if it was ever sent...I usually make copies of things like this before I mail them but who knows where it is if I did. I saw the cleared check online at my bank. I wish I could contact the darn company that handled it. Anybody have the info? Thanks
  3. I sent away for The Song Remains the Same poster offer from the remastered DVD movie and never received the poster in the mail. They even cashed my check!!! Anyone else have this happen or am I the only unlucky one? If so, please let me know and if there is anything I can do. Happy New Year All...
  4. But I already have the HTWWW 3 CD set. I have the Led Zeppelin DVD. I want the following: We're Gonna Groove, White Summer, Songs from Earl's Court-IMTOD, Trampled Underfoot, Knebworth-Nobody's Fault But Mine, Sick Again, Achilles Last Stand, In the Evening, Kashmir, etc. thats not on th HTWWW CD's. Are we on the same page? Where is this audio double DVD?
  5. I dont know why How the West Was Won has 18 tracks and left out so many of the great songs from latter albums that exist on the DVD. What the hell were they thinking? Does anyone know how to convert them from the DVD video files to audio files that can be downloaded to an iPod or burned to a CD-R? If so, please reply with how to do it. If Jimmy Page actually reads these posts....Can we please have an album that has all of the DVD tracks on an audio CD, or give us one with the songs we didn't get the first time? Im sure I speak for all the fans who just can't get enough live material....Thanks
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