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  1. Im pretty excited, about our new president. I hated bush, I mean how many american presidents have been shot at or assasinated and this bonehead is still around.
  2. The rain song its something you can feel when you hear it
  3. I saw ac/dc in omaha,nebraska during there heatseeker tour with white lion as there opening act. I believe i was 13 or 14 at the time, great time great show.
  4. the electric company, that was good fun!
  5. zepsteve

    Pet Peeves

    Today i actually had to shovel and sweep the street because of all the mud not really my job but the city but the city threatened a citation of and to which i informed my boss technically this is city property so they'ed be fining themselves anyway my new pet peeve is rain and mudddddddddddd!!
  6. Thank you so much it has been both a great and fucked up day!!!!!! but at 35 what can you really expect!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hooooooooooooooooooooo!!
  7. Mccain is just another pathetic bush its really not even a debate. Another republican will kill this country!
  8. Today is my birthday and i kicked my kids off my computer so i could finally talk to my zep friends and im quiet happy about it!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. No its not funny but probably meant well, and ya know sometimes life sux and your almost forced to wait to see if things change and that sux feelin like you have no control over your own destiny but you just gotta keep goin and maybe say a prayer or 2!!!
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