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  1. The weather. you gettin any of this windy, snowy crap down there
  2. i think rock and roll and black dog, ya know somethin to really lighten the mood, besides its my funeral and when i die i wanna put the "fun" back into fun eral make it a celebration of my life and less of a mourning of my death, but thats just me!!!!!!
  3. your right it does. absolutely!! Hey does anybody remember the old k-tel records with all the current hits they used to sell on tv in the early 80's
  4. Ahh yes i prefer the ozzy years paranoid, iron man, war pigs, all just classic. I really liked children of the grave the original version i some how dont recall ever hearinf it just the live version off tribute. I have an old black sabbath casette called the eternal idol its actually pretty descent. tony martin is the singer does anybody have this or remember this! Also not a big fan of the dio years, i loved the lord of the rings, but i'm not into a hobbit fronting a metal band!!!
  5. but its hard not to, its a catchy tune, just be glad it's not " hey mickey" ! I do the hand claps and everything!
  6. its snowin and the winds blowin and it was just starting to be nice again
  7. celine dion over and over you poor tortured soul i truly feel for you, there are few things worse than being forced to listn to shitty music!!!!!
  8. It was many years ago and i was quiet young but i believe she was 101. whats the weather doing there cuz its storming here!
  9. That is the sweetest fuckin mullet EVER!!!!!!
  10. this is getting to be such a bunch of bullshit and who posted that picture of me out on my "patio" im super pissed, i feel so degraded or at least i would if i had any actual shame
  11. bump this ones going back to the front , if this doesn't bring a smile to your face then nothing will
  12. yeah i'd love to see stp in concert got most of their cd's but never saw them in concert!
  13. happy bithday, have another drink on me
  14. I'm not sure GOD is responsible for shame i know plenty of people who have absolutely none and trust me they could use a little!
  15. ^likes tea ineed a cigerette and im out
  16. I've been messin around with no quater my self on guitar that is. ITs groovy!
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