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  1. AHH YES nothing compares 2 u and the headbangers ball WOW. YEAH i still like prince have you seen the guy lately he actu ally looks younger.Thats alittle scary. OH yes and thanx I AM for your transended shame :hysterical:
  2. Thats to funny, some of those songs id crank it up if no one was around. Oh yes and i believe we 4-got prince, who can forget lets go crazy and darling nikki. What a delightfully sordid and mildly morbid song! RELAX i totally forgot about that song, and i blame you 4 reminding me!
  3. Oh probably some george michael stuff. He used to have the hottest super models in all his videos and as a young teenage horomone i very much enjoyed watching them! Loved the hair bands! I graduated in 91 so i pretty much grew up with that even though i usually had zep kickin in the car. A pouple of those songs and bands you mentioned i just listened to yesterday!!
  4. You've come ungodly close to pretty much suming up my guilty pleasures. Some i dont feel so guilty about but some
  5. i have a schecter and an ibanez there on the cheaper side not high end at all and a pretty desent alvarez acoustic. also yes i would love a gibson les paul and some marshalls
  7. Ya know i started reading this thread from the begining and it bored me quickly WHO FUCKIN CARES OOOOHHHH ROBERT PLANT DOESNT LIKE RADIO HEAD HOW THE FUCK IS THAT EVEN NEWS ! SORRY JUST MY OPINION
  8. I absolutely love sarcasm, and sam your hot tonight, i want to cut you down just to here your come back but i like you and i got nothin. can you try to out of that comment i wont be offended i promise!
  9. no chell i never saw that movie but i like no i love what you had to say and did it in a positive manner what were gonna do here in this thread is not let the media or anyone else take away from him what he did best and thats make movies and entertain us! Fuck the media and there comparisons!
  10. i havent got to see that broke back mountain but i would like to! but thanx 4 keeping it positive, lets make this thread a celebration of his life and his accomplishments. And when i type period i mean ..........
  11. i knew i had the title wrong but that doesnt make me wrong thanx for keepin it positive!!!!!
  12. i tried to say it earlier, i liked the guy as an actor, obviously thats the only way any of us knew him so why dont we try to talk about his movies and what we liked and what we loved and we'll just ignore any negative commentary, are you with me here, here we go, i absolutely loved Fisrt Night " one of my friends said you gotta see this, its hilarious. Well i did, and it was, i laughed my ass off. It was one of the better movies that i had seen in along time. And thats what gave me alot of appreiciation for heath, i was really impressed with his comeidic timing and what not! All right its yo
  13. well vic forgot to ask a question but shit happens to all of us so ill go what dominate or not 80's band would you like to have seen but didnt get to?
  14. later bro it was nice to "meet you" have a good sleep! Sometimes i get that insomnia thing myself
  15. Jimmy Page hed kinda been around the block before Zep formed and he just seems a little more risckaey. what year would you like to go back to to catch a zep concert and why?
  16. Thank you mona hope you have a good time!
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