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  1. yeah that yawn shit is pretty cold and offensive. We should revel in how he lived and the great movies he made " First Knight " is one of my personal favorites. What you guys who loved him could do is get together with your friends who were heath fans, rent all his movies watch them together, as a celebration of his life and not his death, just an idea!
  2. At least you guys play, i know people who say they play but really they just own a guitar, ican play circles around them and i suck been murdering zep toons for 17 years now but at least not in public!
  3. I'd have to call it ironic that i came upon this question cuz my wife is in a cast after having ankle / foot surgery and i do alot of cleaning,dishes,and luandry however ive never considered these things her job since ive always helped out. If you could meet one zep band member who would it be and why?
  4. I hear ya joel even though i like the bands you said you don't, you seem to have what i have, i think, tell me if you agree, i call it picky ear syndrome, my tastes waiver towards hard rock and metal yet i really dont care for alot of so-called hardrock or heavy metal bands. ITs like it appeals to me and i crank it or its cheesy and kinda stupid and that mind set sorta seems to me is where your at!
  5. ahhhh yeah wow hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. richard did you enjoy my booze, i hope so, sorry i missed you at the pub perhaps another day!
  7. zepsteve

    What is

    I guess it depends on what kinda mood im in but nothin mellows me out and relaxes me like the rainsong i just lov it!
  8. zepsteve

    The pub

    YES that works but also if you drink enough that your still buzzed in the morning you can eat and take some aspirin that also helps avoid the hangovers. i remember thse daze, sort of!
  9. today wasn,t bad but we,ve had 10 inches of snow in the last 2 days!!!!! and yeah its FUCKIN COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i actually played it backwards when i was a teenager, and there really streching the truth i heard what they were trying to say it was but its not coherent is the best way to describe it. Besides that did any of these dickheads play a carpenters record backwards to see if there were any messages. I think not.some people, need to get a life.
  11. Ozzy and Rob Zombie about tree months ago. Totally rocked!!!!!!!!!!
  12. oh i wish but my children are gold better than as amater of fact. do you have any silver,
  13. the hand that rocks the cradle always gets gold! do you have alot of tools
  14. I say stairway to heaven, its that one song that stops people in there tracks and makes them listen!!!
  15. zepsteve

    The pub

    No sir order what ever you want its all on me hell make it 4 bottles of Jack
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