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  1. Its hard to say hell half our grnd mothers were probably married by age 15 but thats just not the world we live in anymore !
  2. happy happy joy joy to youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
  3. OOOOH mandy actually agreeing with me well thats a first or so i feel like it is you know we all love you
  4. I will say this though slightly off topic recently in the news there was an 18 year old dating and having sex with a 15 year old which was actually a senoir dating a freshman, and the father of the girl pressed charges well the laws in that state which i dont know demand a 10 year sentence i think this is bullshit cuz theres a big difference between a 19 year old having sex with a 15 year old and lets say me a 34 year old having sex with a 15 year old which BTW disgusts me just to type it but you get my point hes not mature enough to buy beer but hes mature enough to go to jail for having consensual sex. I say bullshit
  5. I'm not suggesting they planned it as much as they were aware it was going to take place. If you watched those towers drop, and they dropped like a construction demolition then you would know somebody was behind it. I work constuction and if you fly a fully jet fueled plane into a structure such as the twin towers all the support beams will give out but not at the same time so remember the building went straight down all at once as a matter of fact both buildings went down inthe same way it just dont work that way and im really surprised more people havent questioned this bullshit!!!
  6. This kinda stuff used to go on when i was in the army with drilll sgts and female recruits and the reason i bring this up is because mandy has just said it has alot to do with "power" reguardless of age and yes it is wrong!!
  7. I would love to agree to disagree but i truly believe bush had more to do with 9/11 than any terrorist the guy is one bullshit excuse after another and in the end there simply is no excuse for bush its just that simple!!!
  8. True they all lie but bush is vindictive and malicious and i can see thru that lying sack of shit from a million miles away. I'm 34 years old and i have never seen a standing president so openly arrogant in my 34 years. He is absolutely pathetic, and his desicions serve him and not america , he is the biggest hypocrite piece of trash there is.
  9. Yeah thats what the republicans told you and want you to believe you should really get a clue!!
  10. no the republicans did that. i dont give a shit that he fucked around with an intern he sure as hell didt cheat on us dip shit
  11. That is the sweetest song about smoking pot i 've ever heard! I've heard the original but i cant remember who it was maybe im just one toke over the line sweet jesus, one toke over the line!
  12. Only the dead truly no the end of war. Plato
  13. Well said suz couldnt agree with you more!!
  14. You didnt miss it you just dont have anythig to say
  15. yep i'm a sucker for a cup cake to yumm yumm
  16. hey pb i noticed you didnt reply to my comment as you did before is there a reason for that!
  17. I've always said i am to chocolate what a heroin addict is to heroin i mean i can go a couple of days but after that watch out. But at least i can get my "fix" for a buck or less!!
  18. I never had any goodlookin teachers, WTF!!!!!
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