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  1. yes i suppose so and even though the foo fighters have some songs i like i myself was none to impressed with there performance the other night and i just happened to catch on a wim as i was changing channels!
  2. zepsteve

    Pet Peeves

    Fuckin Right and it does take a real man i think, besides you should see some of the shit i've went to the store in, my wife is like your goin like that, and im like im married i dont give a fuck im not lookin for a date plus its walmart so im still in the top 10 of best lookin guys there and trust me if you were ever in the wally worlds here that is so not a conceded comment!!
  3. WOW i looked at this earlier and hesitated to reply, but i see some of the older generation has so i will to. I was born in 73 which would put me at 13 in 1986 which is around what time i started to get into Zep. I have read your younger guys comments about going back in time and i can so remember feeling the exact same way. Except in my day i felt ther was NO hope of ever seeing them in concert. But i'll tell you this i always felt i was part of the 1st generation to kinda carry the baton of the LZ music ya know to help pass it on and i hope i dont sound like some sort of elitest but i turned
  4. i would love to my friend but unfortunately i have no 0's or y's to give by the way i looked at your profile your a buff mother fucker are you like the only big guy on your team i find it hard to believe you guys haven't won one game i went to a school where are football team sucked and even we managed to win a few games!!
  5. zepsteve

    Pet Peeves

    Yeah i absolutely love goin to the store to buy tampons only or better yet tampons and beer then again that one explains itself to anyone whos married or in a long term relationship!
  6. For me zep was the only band that i just loved every song onthe album. I listened to them for along time and realized one day i didnt even know the name of half there songs cuz i was to busy listening to the album and not just certain songs, i myself think this is a bit odd but i think it speaks well for them. How many times have you heard an good song, went and bought the album and that song you liked is the only good song on the album maybe i should say cd but same difference. Plus they so have that mystic x factor this is a band that became one of the most popular and legendary bands ever w
  7. Well that would be anything moldy, but the most disgusting i really couldn't tell you, it was way to moldy t be identified. I had an old roomate that left shit in the fridge all the time, i'm like hey you think you could cut down on the "science projects" in the fridge! whats the most disguting thing you've found in the freezer?
  8. margaritas. I wish i had one now!!
  9. Stouffers stuff is preety decent but it relly depends on the brand and what kinda food it is. Are you tired cuz im gonna crash, later
  10. Pickled Herring and MRE's thats military food when your out doing combat exercises. its supossed to mean meals ready to eat but we called them meals rejected by everything! Whats the nastiest food you've ever smelled! besides pickled herring!
  11. I'll have to ask my mom, she still has the old metal radiators in her house like the ones in the old school buildings but she also has some elctric heat but maybe her house is just that drafty. theres a whole corner of the house thats nothin but windows old windws to im sure that aint helping anything.
  12. NO gas and its pretty spendy but i think my mom has that and her bill is pretty high, of course she lives in a big old house too!!
  13. Ive seen a few flying around on this forum. Some people should really lay off the dope!
  14. Just the corn and oysters thing. But my dad likes pickeled herring to, that just smells nasty. How about anything odd certain relative do for any holiday?
  15. Yeah i had a few things to do today but it started to warm up last week and i thought it would stay, but it didnt and that kinda weather the warm, cold warm cold produces alot of pot holes i think i knocked my car out of alignment hitting one the other day, also ihave a big but old 4 bedroom house that isnt paticularly cheap to heat!
  16. I hear ya Ladyr its cold cold cold and it sucks!!!
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