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  1. The weather. you gettin any of this windy, snowy crap down there
  2. Ahh yes i prefer the ozzy years paranoid, iron man, war pigs, all just classic. I really liked children of the grave the original version i some how dont recall ever hearinf it just the live version off tribute. I have an old black sabbath casette called the eternal idol its actually pretty descent. tony martin is the singer does anybody have this or remember this! Also not a big fan of the dio years, i loved the lord of the rings, but i'm not into a hobbit fronting a metal band!!!
  3. Ya know i started reading this thread from the begining and it bored me quickly WHO FUCKIN CARES OOOOHHHH ROBERT PLANT DOESNT LIKE RADIO HEAD HOW THE FUCK IS THAT EVEN NEWS ! SORRY JUST MY OPINION
  4. I hear ya joel even though i like the bands you said you don't, you seem to have what i have, i think, tell me if you agree, i call it picky ear syndrome, my tastes waiver towards hard rock and metal yet i really dont care for alot of so-called hardrock or heavy metal bands. ITs like it appeals to me and i crank it or its cheesy and kinda stupid and that mind set sorta seems to me is where your at!
  5. zepsteve

    The pub

    YES that works but also if you drink enough that your still buzzed in the morning you can eat and take some aspirin that also helps avoid the hangovers. i remember thse daze, sort of!
  6. today wasn,t bad but we,ve had 10 inches of snow in the last 2 days!!!!! and yeah its FUCKIN COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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