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  1. Yes in fact my father makes this smoked oysters and corn thing every christmas which is actually quite good. any body on oddities your relatives make for the holidays?
  2. Teslas from the 80's and yeah they rock there main guitar player was a huge zeppelin fan
  3. Thats very clever Joelmon , i like that
  4. Well my friend, let me ask you this if you think theres no need for a zero, would you like me to give you 10 dollars or 100000000000000000000000 dollars i mean there just zeros right!
  5. 21 why are you quoting your own answers
  6. I ABSOLUTELY love the part in office space when the guy says " i see you've been missing alot of work" and ron livingston replies "well i really wouldn't say i've been "missing" it "! im sorry but that just classic!!
  7. I hear ya Ev, I,ve been laid off since the 1st week of december and its startin to get pretty rough. i know for me, when i am workin sometimes i go on the road and it 10 to 12 to maybe even 14 hours a day and your just goin and goin. Then you get dropped off at the next block and all these fuckin bills i had cuaght up on and almost paid off i cant pay anymore. then you start back sliden and then drinkin cuz lets face it alcohol is the best temporary solution ever. Not necessarily the best idea but i do have a drink by my side right now. I dont have a any great solutions or even any good advic
  8. Yeah ithink i know that guy then again i think we all do mr. im the coolest guy in the whole world, just ask me i'll tell ya!!
  9. Hey i try but theres only so much one person can do, im pretty new to this forum in fact its my first forum and even i know that spats is................. well spats
  10. YES your right im sayin that spats view is........ slightly distorted through shit i dont know ya got me i give up!!!!!
  11. Yeah well i dont think jimmy page would be comfortable with somebody buying several cds for one song sounds like a fan who already owns most of the music!!
  12. hey yeah you ya stupid drunk fuck did you ever think of pulling your head out of your ass!!! what if you could would you change in your life!!
  13. Im sorry you feel that way mandy ,however on the richard side of things i will sadly admit that if chocolate were illegal i would lie, cheat and steal to get it yes i confess i am a chocoholic!!!
  14. NO were just looking through the eye glasses of spats, im pretty sure thats how hw sees things!! No offense im just sayin!
  15. zepsteve

    The pub

    I got your back buddy drinks r on me helll yeah today is a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Yeah thats what Jim Morrison used to say there Hollywood!! do you think you can make it in hollywood
  17. Ok so now i know how to get my pictures to "print" thank you again miss mandy and thank you richard for your kind words even though the red eye makes my kids look like "demon spawn" ha ha wich is ok cuz sometimes i feel that way and vannis great pictures, i love the one with the violin!
  18. i cant seem to get it to work i ll have to try tomorrow but thanks again manders
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