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  1. It's called CHANTIX.

    She said that it takes away the gratification you get when you actually DO smoke, and it's supposed to curb the cravings. She said that she just called her doctor and asked him what she could do to get the stuff, and he just talked to her for a few minutes and wrote her a perscription. Her insurance covers it, but since there is no generic, it's pricier than some perscriptions.


  2. :cheer:

    My best friend came into my work today and she said my hair looked so good that she thought I'd been to the hair dresser's.

    Nope. Haven't had my hair done since November. I even had to point out my roots. :lol: I must say...it did look good! :D

    (still blazing red too!)

    good for you mander by the way i want the name of that drug your mom took to quit smoking.

    i survived another day! which isnt easy with 4 kids and a wife in a cast

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