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  1. I totally agree, i like and respect petty, its just not my thing, but the suggestion that it was lip synced is the most ludicrous thing i've ever heard.
  2. No. do you usually follow your instincts and hows that workin out for you!
  3. I just think it would suck to go undefeated all year and the lose the super bowl! Did you watch any half time stuff.
  4. It also keeps track of many things, which i like! Are you happy about the super bowl!
  5. ^just made 600 pizzas > just had some pizza
  6. zepsteve

    Groundhog Day

    I was kinda thinkin the same thing, BTW the movies on right now, ithink its tbs!!! love biil murray to funny
  7. zepsteve


    One of my personal favs
  8. Thats hilarious, i think this guy should walk around 24 hours a day with that les paul so as to take the attention away from his face if i was single id hang out with this guy so i could be the goodlookin one.
  9. happy birth day how many years young are you!!!!
  10. Bravo bonzo, ilove loved this, i could actually smell the sarcasm as i read it. true usda prime sarcasm! hats off!
  11. Oooh im a genetically mutated freak, so at least i got that goin for me!
  12. Whats up Henry, it was nice to here from you.i have read this, read some of the others comments and i truly see your point however i myself dont think bootleggers will have any effect on there decision to tour or not. Celebrity comes with a price, and this is just another part of the music biz. I would like to offer you this though. People like britney spears and jessica simpson have had people bootleg there music and there concerts, do you really want to live in a world were someone would take the time to bootleg these 2 bimbos and not LZ, now that my friend is disrespectful and rather insu
  13. Faced. good answer i knew that was comin
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