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  1. only time i saw ozzy was that sabbath show. it was in philly general add. seating. i saw a kid in front of fall when the doors open. people were walking over him i tried to stop to help him and my friend grabbed me and pulled me. he said if you stopped you would get trampled. after the show i asked a cop about him he said he died at the scene.

    im sorry you had to endure any such occurence in your life but i try to believe that when its your time its your time why god would pick such a death only he knows i can't speakk for him cuz i am not a god but yeah thats just not cool to have to see that

  2. i saw ozzy and rob zombie about a month or so ago it was fuckin awesome i hadnt been to a concert in a couple of years. it just rocked. ilove ozzy he has written alot of songs that are alot deeper than he gets credit for as far as being a song writer!!!

  3. happy? what is "happy" anyways? knowing you'll never notice you crapped all over yourself till you wake again? returning home from a rough day on the job to witness your rude next door neighbor wheeled out by paramedics with a sheet covering their entire body? well i jut dont know about this happiness stuff then...

    joking or wishing aside, what made me happy. let's see. i made some tea. i like tea only if it has honey in it. i ran out i only thought i ran out. i found a old bottle with just a dab in it on a shelf. i was happy as a homeless person finding a freshly stocked mcdonalds dumpster.

    if they did today they probably ate a lot better than you or i did today and that

    doesn't seem right. it'd be nice to have nothing to do but eat free mcwaffles all day

    occasionally, with a little gin and smokes and free music blasting out of a store

    behind you as you sit on a bench bitching and complaining to yourself as a person

    with 12 deadlines scurries angrily along by you to his 5 figure job stale coffee and

    impending heart attack...

    well im glad to hear your happy!! :D

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