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  1. In regards to the Rolling Stones comments in that article... I liked the Rolling STones before I saw them live... After seeing them live I loved the Rolling Stones... at their age they put todays music to shame even if its not when they were int he prime... its still ROCK N ROLL at its finest. The same could probably be said for Led Zeppelin, I ll still like them, but I will hope ill still one day get to see them... Please Plant!
  2. Hypothetical.... I wasnt able to find any threads about this topic, but posted in the noobie threads to be safe, feel free to move it if its in the wrong place. Any guess on what you could expect to pay? Iam guessing 200-500$ a ticket ...
  3. Sorry for the repost, only caught the news this morning , I was listening to Rock N Roll and checked the news to see it was there! Page eyes world tour! I dont care how long I have to wait! So long as there is one! Ill travel over the hills and far away to see them! Please have Canadian Dates on the tour! lol... Source: http://www.jam.canoe.ca/Music/2008/01/28/4798041-ap.html I was born 3 years after 1980! haha... a once in a life time chance to see them live! *keeps the fingers crossed*
  4. Pros: Show the young pups what real music is... and give those who havent seen them, the chance of a life time to see them live. (Including Canada ...) Increased fan base... not that they need it... lol Cons: Age/risk of injury and reputation... I think they can do it ... no doubts. Just maybe need a bit of a slower pace ...
  5. lol I laughed at this thread as well, however I fear I suffer the same fate... I pray a tour will be annouced and I am not one for praying... lol Not only that... but Canadian Tour Dates and one in the Maritimes!!!!!! (Moncton NB can hold up to 100,000 in an outdoor venue, the Stones played there last year, was amazing) We can only hope...
  6. Thanks for sharing, I think it'd be sweet for Grohl to play with Zep, haha... it wont happen tho. Bonham > Grohl at this point...
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