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    Programming, web design, guitar, violin, trumpet, music composition, reading, classical music, rock and roll.
  1. I think he means range as in how much he can play, the variety of stuff he can play.
  2. Page's technical skills are very average and sometimes lackluster. He doesn't have much speed, and when he tries to play fast, he is very, very sloppy (heartbreaker solo, especially live). He generally is a very sloppy guitarist, but it's part of his style. He wouldn't be the same if he was clean. His sound is generally very dirty, raw, "improvised" and sloppy. I wouldn't like him as much he didnt have such a distinctive sound.
  3. I don't like to compare, but here are two guitarists I believe are more technically and musically accomplished than pagey. Jimi Hendrix This guy's playing is so unbelievable. Listening to him is like elevating yourself beyond reality. It's a blend of so much and so unrestrictive to formats. His rythm part is like his solo part, and vice versa. There is so much in his playing, it's beyond just playing something to a chord structure. The little notes he adds here and there can change so much about the song. Steve Vai A modern genius. Just because he did not play in the 60s or make some big name from a world famous rock band does not mean that he is any less than the gods of rock. His music is much like hendrix's- without restrictions, without boundaries, and at times without a sense of intention. It's free flowing and it just works like that. Pagey is great, he has a great sense of direction and melody, and his riff writing is some of the best. Again, music is subjective, of course. Some people could even consider Raffi to be a "better" guitarist than Brian May.
  4. Do I Creep You Out- weird Al
  5. 17. Led Zeppelin is the first band I actually was interested in.
  6. Hmmmm. I play the electric guitar My favourite show is Whose Line is it Anyways. I work at a Honeywell plant. I'm only 5'3 I'm graduating this year. (High school)
  7. Running with the Devil - Van Halen
  8. 15 Step, Radiohead In Rainbows, Best Record of 2007, hands down!
  9. Just finished The Lovely Bones. It was getting good, until the end, which completely ruined the whole thing.
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