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  1. I find it not-so-strange that a good many of the posts where you guys have met them randomly have involved a member of Zep staring at you, while you think it'd always be opposite. Maybe this music is so damn good, that if you're an avid fan of it there's a connection there. Maybe we hardcore fans stand out in some way, or maybe we are of like mind with these guys, cos you know like thoughts attract like thoughts. It's just very cool that Page himself was giving you the "now where do i know you from?" look. It's like they KNOW their fans. This doesn't surprise me, seeing as how this music
  2. My dad saw them twice on that tour, once in Birmingham AL, and again in Greenesboro NC. It was all "festival seating" then, and he had to haul ass to get to the front row, but he did it! I am so jealous of him I could scream! LOL. He said they were fantastic, and he remembers much about both shows, like Page's pyramid of light that surrounded him, and would rotate and change color every time he hit the strings with his bow. He said he was blown away by the guitars alone, and how much Page looked like some ambassador from another world altogether, with his crazy outfits, wild hair, and of
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