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  1. Zeppy birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well! :)

  3. zdr

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy almost birthday! Miss seeing your posts (haven't seen you around in a while). Peace.

    Walter (Chuck)

  5. What could possibly be copyrighted? A non-existent tour? Not being argumentative here, just things like this always bug the crap out of me! Our rights are slowly being whittled away at every day... What if I PAINTED pics of the guys on a shirt, didn't even put the band name on it and on the back it said 2010 tour. WTH could anyone say about that?
  6. Wow! To think wearing my little tee around BFE would get notice from 'the band's' lawyers would be just enough reason for me to do it! Just out of curiousity, I wonder of the band name were spelled differently, you used all original artwork and a public font...would that still be an infringement? Seems like more of an infringement on my freedom of expression to me! Always the one in trouble
  7. I want this so bad but just can't justify the purchase. As an aside...I can not believe Jimmy chose one of the worst pics of him EVER to be on the more affordable version cover. That was actually kinda a deal breaker for me. Freaky huh?
  8. Medhb

    American Idol

    I love Lee too. Also the blondie guy that plays a pretty mean guitar. Big Mike is untouchable in his style of singing but I agree, Crystal is in a league of her own! The very first time I heard her I picked her as my fave and she has yet to disappoint. As 'poppy' as Idol is I've always enjoyed watching and I think this year they have a super star on their hands! Has anyone seen any of her original songs on YouTube? The are awesome!!
  9. Medhb


    Oh Charles, I'm so saddened to hear this. Sending love and prayers your way. And warm hugs too!
  10. I know, what a sad waste of talent. She should be the poster child for the anti-drug movement.
  11. Oh man, I just listened to that on Verizon and it rox! I had to buy the ring and ring back tones,
  12. Black Dog is my ringtone and I have Black Dog, Bring it on Home, Communication Breakdown and Custard Pie set as ringback tones on alternating days. Everyone cracks up over the ringback tones, they are a hit
  13. I just read in a news article that Amy Winehouse was hecking him as he received his award. Of course, I'm sure she probably wasn't even aware of WHO she was heckling.
  14. enjoyed your "government form letter" this morning...thanks for the laugh!

  15. Oh Buckeye! So sorry to hear this! How is he doing? My prayers go out to you. P.S. I never get the flu shot either...nuh-uh. No thanks!!
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