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    American Idol

    I love Lee too. Also the blondie guy that plays a pretty mean guitar. Big Mike is untouchable in his style of singing but I agree, Crystal is in a league of her own! The very first time I heard her I picked her as my fave and she has yet to disappoint. As 'poppy' as Idol is I've always enjoyed watching and I think this year they have a super star on their hands! Has anyone seen any of her original songs on YouTube? The are awesome!!
  2. Just finished "The Help", have "The Lost Symbol" qued up on my Kindle but right now reading a couple books about starting an online business.
  3. That is so cool. I would love to learn German also as that is my ethnicity (well the majority anyway) I've heard Rosetta Stones are great too, too bad they aren't in the library, they cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney.
  4. Medhb

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I LOVE that pic of his shadow against the speaker, I've never seen that one! Thanks for the compliments everyone, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Windows Moviemaker, it's on everyones machines (given it's a PC and not a MAC) and I never knew it! Very easy program to use. Yes, I enjoyed the music very much also, thanks Magenta and Aqua! Alice, Yes! Jimmy still has it!!! He's georgous, I just love the silver hair! And when he smiles? Really smiles with his eyes? Heaven I still can't believe I couldn't upload that to Youtube. Well, I found that new site and it's great!! FAST uploads!!! Unlimited space, all for free and no copyright infringement crap!
  5. Medhb

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I think this passes the gaga test Gee, I guess I can't embed this like a YouTube vid...drats. Jimmy vid
  6. I know, I'm in the NYC area and today I walked out of my air conditioned house to get the mail and my glasses immediately fogged up...the last time I had that happen was in New Orleans.
  7. I suggest doing as I have. Blocking irritants like that makes reading the boards more enjoyable. It can't construct a sentence, has never said anything worth listening to and grows more life if it is acknowledged. Don't waste your brain cells
  8. I got lost on the way to the Dr. and was 9 minutes late. I arrived to find the door locked. It took me 3 months to get that appointment. Needless to say I'll be using another doctor.
  9. You met up with Knebby in NO? Knebby! You never mentioned you were traveling this way!
  10. Reswati? Has no pipe? Does not compute Cool pic!!
  11. Medhb

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Wow! Thanks for the scans ladies! So cool to see 'new' pics!!
  12. Medhb

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Thanks Ev for starting this thread!! Gaga free????!!! Ahahahahhaaaa, what alternate reality are you living in?! LOL! OK, I'll just go gaga quietly and peacefully
  13. Only when I forget to wear my rose colored glasses
  14. I guess I won't bitch about our 20th day of gray in the month then
  15. Medhb

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Sorry if these have already been posted but I know all Jimmy fans won't mind
  16. Hey Virginia! Libra here too... On the cusp of Scorpio. Venus, Moon, Neptune and Mercury all in Scorpio too. Ev, how do you find your ascendant? And....SO wonderful to see you here!!!!
  17. Oh Gee...I know this isn't the thread for it but I just noticed. Another one bites the dust. What the hell happened to Yukon?!
  18. Aqua!! LOL! Your pic...I'm puting two and two together. OK, I'm not the fastest missile on the range, LOL! Good to 'see' ya, hehee! BTW, you look great, that really is a nice pic!
  19. Lucy! You're getting all grown up! What a lovely young lady you are!
  20. I never thought I'd see the day!! Spats, you're not as terrible looking as you always say
  21. OMG!! Adorable!! Who's having more fun than THEY are!! It is so fun to see what pets each of us has. I think it tells a lot about people. Oh, I just want to squeeze them all!!!
  22. IE is crashing on my brand new laptop everytime I try to watch a YouTube video. It's the damned Flash add on that they haven't gotten the bug out of in the last 2 releases. I've tried everything I can think of...anyone have any ideas? It's that ocx file. Can't live with it, can't live without it. Oh, and just general malaise and crankiness Edited to correct file extention from oxc to ocx and add a whine about dyslexia
  23. I'm still basking in yesterdays happy!! Today, beautiful day, may put on the swim suit and practice my new guitar outside, cop some rays, relax...
  24. Hey Patrycja!! I wander in and out. Of COURSE I had to wander IN to post this pic Great to see ya! Hey, did you notice that your post to me was your 666 post? dee dee dee dee (twighlight zone music, HA!) Hugs!
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