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Status Updates posted by Medhb

  1. Many thanks for the welcome to the board! I want to be a Pagette too! How do you get that status? LOL!

  2. Hey you!! I almost forgot about this place! I think I'll hang around a while ; ) No Yankster here, Praise the God! LOL!

  3. Hey Buddy!!! Fancy seeing you...it's been a while! I almost forgot about this place! I think I'll stick around a while, it seems a little more active than our other hangout....which of course I still frequent...I believe JPO is on here now too!

    Hugs Sweetie!

  4. Don't go allbets, stick around please! You aren't the only person to find these boards tough, I'm being stalked on the ramble on board! I think I need to stop posting there! Hope to see ya around some more, Cheers!

  5. Hey Yoga friend!! Glad to make your aquaintance!

  6. Hey lovely Lady!! Great pic of you working on your project. You are one of a kind!


  7. Hey Z! Fancy meetin you here! ; )

  8. I know Sweetie! Thanks for the kind words, really glad to see you here too..yeah, I was getting bored with the same ole shit over 'there' so I thought I'd check out the shit here! LOL! At least it's new and exciting shit...you know me, I'm shakin the tree a little bit, HA!! Ahhh, let's see what's going to happen next Saturday!! Hummmm.....twi

  9. You're a sweet Angel indeed m'Lady!! You know what it is that keeps us young...Passion!!


  10. Hey LW, you charmer you! ; )

  11. So...about that reunion answer...

    Ahahhahaha!! JK!

    Hugs Sweetie!

  12. BTW, as great as your old pic was love the new one too!! Your hair is as beautiful as your soul! Hugs to Ang!

  13. Thanks for sharing your autograph story! That was great!! I love to live vicariously through others if I can't pull it off myself! ; )

  14. Del, where are you?! I miss you! I'm visiting and hoped to run into ya, LOL!


  15. Just dropping by to say thanks for the smiles you always bring to the board!

    Hugs! Medhb

  16. Hey Ev! Hope all is well, yer missed around here! Cheers Mate!

  17. Hello my Friend! I hope your summer is going well!

  18. Just droppin in on a fellow PJ fan! Peace and Light Timothy!

  19. OMG! Were you AT that show! Where he climbed the rigging?! Too cool!!! The last time I saw them was in Vegas and it was really cool, they did Little Sister - Elvis cover and Eddie came out in this flashy silver white jacket for the tune, LOL!

    Keep rockin my friend!

  20. Droppin by to send you a hug Lady!

    Hug! ; )


  21. Your birthday is ONE day after mine!! Wow! Very cool!

  22. Wow! You like a lot of 'ologies' LOL!


  23. Yer a pretty cool kid! You're parents must be pretty proud of ya!


  24. Just dropping by to say 'welcome to the board!'

  25. You always crack me up! Thanks for the laughs!! ; )

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