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  1. What could possibly be copyrighted? A non-existent tour? Not being argumentative here, just things like this always bug the crap out of me! Our rights are slowly being whittled away at every day... :slapface:

    What if I PAINTED pics of the guys on a shirt, didn't even put the band name on it and on the back it said 2010 tour. WTH could anyone say about that?

    The idea is cool, but if we actually started wearing '''09-'10 Tour" Shirts, that would be a copywrite infringement, and the producer of the shirts could be tried like someone producing bootleg recordings.

  2. Wow! To think wearing my little tee around BFE would get notice from 'the band's' lawyers would be just enough reason for me to do it! :P

    Just out of curiousity, I wonder of the band name were spelled differently, you used all original artwork and a public font...would that still be an infringement? Seems like more of an infringement on my freedom of expression to me!

    Always the one in trouble :hippy:

    I must warn you with peace and love the last time someone on this forum manufactured unlicensed t-shirts they received a cease and desist order from the band's lawyers.

  3. I want this so bad but just can't justify the purchase. As an aside...I can not believe Jimmy chose one of the worst pics of him EVER to be on the more affordable version cover. :slapface: That was actually kinda a deal breaker for me. Freaky huh?


  4. I love Lee too. Also the blondie guy that plays a pretty mean guitar. Big Mike is untouchable in his style of singing but I agree, Crystal is in a league of her own! The very first time I heard her I picked her as my fave and she has yet to disappoint. As 'poppy' as Idol is I've always enjoyed watching and I think this year they have a super star on their hands!

    Has anyone seen any of her original songs on YouTube? The are awesome!!


  5. Oh Charles, I'm so saddened to hear this. Sending love and prayers your way. And warm hugs too!

    Thank you all for the positive thoughts and wishes and I would like share some of this good karma with my brother and his family.

    Have a great weekend everyone. :)


  6. Probably not ! Her act is sure wearing thin these day's and you've got to wonder what wiil

    come for the tattered Miss Winehouse in the not so distant future

    I know, what a sad waste of talent. She should be the poster child for the anti-drug movement.

  7. Black Dog is my ringtone and I have Black Dog, Bring it on Home, Communication Breakdown and Custard Pie set as ringback tones on alternating days. Everyone cracks up over the ringback tones, they are a hit smile.gif

  8. My husband got the swine flu (H1N1) vaccination last Thursday and has been coughing and sneezing since then. He also had a sore throat and mild fever. They say that you can't get sick from a vaccination, but he was perfectly well before he got it. He is much better today. I am not getting this vaccination. I got the regular flu vaccination several weeks ago and I was achy for a few days afterward. I do not want to get sick from the vaccination. I think that I probbly already had H1N1 back in July/August when I was ill.

    I do think that young people should be vaccinated for H1N1, as they are more at risk. There have been several deaths of young people here in Ohio from this flu. A Miami of Ohio University student died last week of it.

    Sorry about your illness. sad.gif

    Hope that you get to feeling better soon, BonzoLikeDrummer!

    Sounds like you are doing all that you can do.

    If you start to have any difficulty breathing, seek medical help right away.

    Oh Buckeye! So sorry to hear this! How is he doing? My prayers go out to you.

    P.S. I never get the flu shot either...nuh-uh. No thanks!!

  9. Man I know how you feel, the worse I've ever felt was when I had the flu bug until I had to go through 6 months of chemo therapy.

    I'm happy to say that in 48 hrs when I turn the pump in I will be finished and get to ring the bell. biggrin.gif

    Hope you feel better soon, sick is sick what ever form it comes in.

    WooooooHoooooooo! Congrats Doc!! YOU are a strong man!

    Doc talking to the big C: "F&ck ME?! NO, F&CK YOU!!!"

  10. http://www.freep.com...ops-won-t-come?

    Who can you call if cops won't come?



    When a burglar attempted to steal tools from a warehouse he owns in Pontiac, Leon Jukowski did what any reasonable property owner would: He called his local police.

    Three days later, an old friend on the force paid Jukowski a sheepish "courtesy call" to explain that the Pontiac department no longer had the resources to investigate B&Es.

    "So what I am I supposed to do? Have one of my employees drag the burglar off the street and beat the crap out of him?" asked Jukowski, a former deputy mayor who is running, against the advice of many of his saner friends, for mayor of the cash-strapped city.

    His friend from the police department smiled ruefully. "We don't really send people out for that anymore, either," he said.

    Jukowski told this story to me and some of my editorial board colleagues last week, and I've retold it several times since then. Most of the people I've told it to laugh, from which astute readers may accurately deduce that 1) I'm a fair storyteller and 2) not many people in my immediate circle hail from Pontiac. (continued at link)

    I think it's just about time I purchased a gun. whistling.gif

    It's spreading. In Detroit and Flint I think it takes a murder to get an officer. This really IS the truth!

  11. Went to the library today and got three beginning German. blush.gif

    I know I'll suck at it, even though my mom spoke it, she would never teach me.

    I wonder if those Rosetta videos work like they claim.

    The three or so different dialects would/will make me looney. wacko.gif

    That is so cool. I would love to learn German also as that is my ethnicity (well the majority anyway)

    I've heard Rosetta Stones are great too, too bad they aren't in the library, they cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney.

  12. Hum, I've been gone how long and Spats being gone and this thread are the most exciting things to have happened here?! How bored am I to have read all 14 pages of this blink.gif

    Just so no one forgets me tongue.gif I'll add my 2 cents.

    • No one had to read this thread if they didn't want to.
    • ZFF brought this on himself by soliciting opinions and then being offended by (it seems) one of them (Kats')
    • Kat was within her rights to respond as she did after his passive/aggrssive post to her (calling someone 'my friend' when you are obviiously in disagreement is condescending. Kats' observations of social decorum were spot on.)
    A quote from one of his first posts:

    "Someone, I will not say who it is, sent me a PM saying that my ROCK ON offended many people here on the forum and I would love to know who they are."

    • That 'someone' is the one responsible for him leaving. What was 'someone's' motive? There is nothing to be gained fro PMing someone such a message. If friends of 'someone' complained to him/her then their trust was broken by 'someone' repeating it to ZFF
    • There was no possible positive outcome so it would seem logical that 'someone' was goading ZFF on in order to stir up trouble.

    I never had a prob with ZFF but admit I did find his posting style a bit redundant and fakey friendly....yes, almost Spats/Bot like but I never gave it a second thought until this thread. In my opinion he carried this way too far. I have had a lot worse shit happen to me on these boards and you deal with it or you leave. Seems ZFF tried to deal with it, in a manner that only hightened his irritability factor and then he chose to leave.

    His job - Government, HA! Now I understand the form letters.

    "Dear "Medhb" my friend, we are so delighted that you took the time out of your day to bullet point all of your perceived shortcomings of your federal government. It's people like you "Medhb" that help make our country the great place it is. "Medhb", my friend, may I take this opportunity to solicit money from you to contribute to the 'coverup and extortion money' fund as the taxpayers dollars just aren't covering all the costs these days. I'm sure "Medhb" that you will find this cause as imporant as we do.

    Rock on "Medhb" Keep voting!

    Your Federal Government

    delete/next form letter.

    So, anyway...."Hi everyone!" Do we still have all of our usual suspects here?

    Rock On! laugh.gif

  13. All my Dr's are quite busy and some even harried. Most of them don't get vacations very often, it's hard to book around that, which contributes to how long it takes to get in to see them! My gyno has been called away from two of my appointments to deliver babies. She hasn't had a vacation in years.

    It takes a lot of time and effort to be a cut above average and be a really high earner. The overhead of their office, staff, equipment, etc. is high and the stream of patients does not stop. They schedule at 15 min intervals to make the wages but of course run over time because many patients can't just do the in and out (I'm always very prepared) so they end up working late. Then, many have hospital rounds to do also. I really don't think it's a life of glamour for most of them. I can speak with some authority since I go to 8 different doctors. I don't think that is easy on either the Dr's or myself! Keeping track of meds, records, test results, scans, blah blah blah. My one Dr. doesn't even store films, I have them all!!

    Nah, I don't think I'd go into medicine myself...

  14. I LOVE that pic of his shadow against the speaker, I've never seen that one!

    Thanks for the compliments everyone, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :guitar_mood: I had a lot of fun putting it together. Windows Moviemaker, it's on everyones machines (given it's a PC and not a MAC) and I never knew it! Very easy program to use. Yes, I enjoyed the music very much also, thanks Magenta and Aqua!

    Alice, Yes! Jimmy still has it!!! He's georgous, I just love the silver hair! And when he smiles? Really smiles with his eyes? Heaven :D

    I still can't believe I couldn't upload that to Youtube. Well, I found that new site and it's great!! FAST uploads!!! Unlimited space, all for free and no copyright infringement crap!

  15. Hi Mindy, I used windows movie maker when I made that Zeppelin calendar girls video and had no problem with Neal Sedaka:D

    LOL!! I just created an account at Motionbox and my vid uploaded in less than a minute. For some reason Photobucket hung so...I have ANOTHER account to remember a password for!

    How are you doing Charlie?! Are you feeling stronger? I see you have your old pic back, I take that as a good sign, :D. I hope it's true!

    Since we're on the peeves board, I'm so sorry about your son. When I read that I was just too stunned to respond. I think you got some really good advice from our fellow Zepsters though. Hang tough buddy. There's surely a BIG reward for you down the line!


  16. The thing I don't get is it is IMMEDIATE! Like, are they scanning metadata? I would think it would be kind of hard to get to the mp3 metadata on an mpg file :unsure:

    That's OK, piss on em, I'm going to upload it to Photobucket. I shall share here if anyone is interested! Probably on the Hot Pics of Jimmy board :veryhot:

    Thanks Electro, I think I'm 'flagged' right now or something, maybe I'll try again in the future and make sure the original tags aren't set. Gee, that's what I get for trying to do the right thing by the artist. Oh yeah...the poor artists don't own their music. <_<

  17. My current pet peeve is that I just wanted to learn Windows Moviemaker, wow, cool software! I did a pic show of Jimmy and used three background songs. All three of them are from Zeppelin Classics - the album with all of the original recording artists. So I choose songs by Bert Jansch, Albert King, and Elvis Presley. I give the artists their due in the description and use them all and the song names in the tags. I've also got a credits page in the video giving the artists credit.

    I go to upload it...wow! That went fast! I see, it was not uploaded due to copyright violations. I figure, how could have they figured that out so fast? Had the be the keywords or my text so I just upload it and call it Jimmy Page, no text no keywords except Jimmy Page. Uploads after the usual wait and when I go to play it, the audio has been disabled due to copyrite infringement. DAMN IT!! I notice when I'm playing the vid the ad is to buy Elvis music so I figure that's the song that somehow is causing the issue. Darn it!! I had spent so much time on the timing to get the slides and music in synch.

    I'm in the process of removing the Elvis song and trying a different one but...my question is...

    How is everyone else doing this? You see all current songs, old songs, everything under the sun and I can't upload one frikking vid?! Any advice???


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