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  1. Early Genesis LPs (Peter Gabriel era) to be released on SACD later this year. Come on boys - please give us something on SACD.
  2. I don't believe in tweaking. I have some early Dylan on standard CD and find the harmonica painful to listen to. The SACD reviews that I've read don't rate the early stuff very highly sonically, so I don't disagree with you. The same goes for sixties recording of The Stones. What release dates were the Dylan CDs that you were comparing? Sonically, in my opinion, the best you can get is a 20% improvement over normal CD (it's hard to put a value on it). I've only compared Us and So by Peter Gabriel (which were two of the better produced CDs to start with IMO). To me, the slight improvement is worth it.
  3. Thanks Pb for that excellent article, it's a really good explanation of the present situation regarding sound quality. There are a few points I will comment on; "Intensely compressed albums like Oasis' 1995 (What's the Story) Morning Glory? set a new bar for loudness; the songs were well-suited for bars, cars and other noisy environments." The SACD of this album was given poor reviews for sound quality. ................................................................................ ................................................. "MP3 reduces a CD audio file's size by as much as ninety percent," So a poor quality MP3 has one tenth of the file size of a CD track. SACDs contain 7 times the data of a normal CD. Therefore an SACD track could contain 70 times the data of a poor quality MP3! ................................................................................ .................................................. "Hear It For Yourself Here are three recent albums noted for their depth and dynamic range GOOD Modern Times, Bob Dylan [Listen] Not Too Late, Norah Jones [Listen] Raising Sand, Robert Plant/Alison Krauss [Listen] On these albums, the music breathes: Check out the true-to-life sound of Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain."" Glad to see Raising Sand, Robert Plant/Alison Krauss rated as a good recording. Hendrix made a relevant comment at the start of his IOW concert. Something along the lines of "lot's of bands are playing loud music, but we play loud music that feels good".
  4. Interesting point. So the people who are really understand sound quality and also know the condition of the master tapes (the band and their sound engineers) could decide which tracks would benefit from a release in SACD format. You might only end up with say, a four SACD box set of selected tracks from Led Zep 4 to In through the Out Door just as an example. I have an SACD of the Animals and I don't think it's worth having over an ordinary CD, although the "painfully sharp" sounding tracks are pre 1969.
  5. OK then, if the condition and the sound quality of the masters for the earliest albums is not as good as the later ones (very likely judging by other SACDs that I own) lets prioritise: Possible preferred order for SACD releases of individual studio albums: 1) In through The Out Door 2) Presence 3) Physical Graffiti 4) Houses of the Holy 5) 4 6) 3 7) 2 8) 1 I never was that keen on CODA
  6. PJD said: "The best we can hope for is as storage mediums become cheaper and cheaper and technologies improve we will have a downloadable format that is super high quality. Eventually we'll get it, it will just take time." ============================================================== You are probably right. We'll have to download onto a media centre containing a hard disc. I would prefer something like a huge memory stick, with no moving parts to go wrong. I don't like the idea of it breaking or getting damaged and then having to download your whole collection from the internet again.
  7. Joelmon said: "It IS too bad that the masses are accepting/embracing mp3 as the preferred format. 'Tis a sad thing, first time the standard for sound has gone down....that needs to be reversed !" ========================================================= Incredible isn't it. How can we make mp3 users aware of what they are missing? Although you do need a good stereo as well. There's always second hand. The technology is available to make it seem as if the band is in your lounge but Led Zeppelin are not using it, apart from one DVD-A. Peter Gabriel (bass and drums sound quality is the ultimate IMO), Bowie, Stones etc. have done it, so come on Zep.
  8. LOL! Also: "SACD contains over 7 times the data of CD, resulting in an amazingly realistic sound that blows conventional CDs away. Hybrid SACD discs can be played on your current CD players with CD-quality stereo sound. All SACD players can play conventional CDs and make them sound significantly better. Some SACD players also function as MP3 and DVD-Video players, eliminating the need for multiple components." =============================================================== All I want is to be able to purchase Led Zeppelin recordings of a quality equal to their master tapes, preferably on a medium that is difficult to damage, easy to keep clean and fairly compact! To the above list I could also add 10) Individual SACDs of the Studio Albums!
  9. Quote from bestbuy.com webpage: "Direct Stream Digital is the secret ingredient At the heart of SACD is the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technique, which applies dramatic new levels of accuracy to digital recording. Originally created to digitally archive priceless analog master tapes, DSD uses 1-bit delta-sigma modulation and a sampling frequency 64x higher than CD. SACD also provides a frequency response of 100kHz and a dynamic range of 120dB across the audible range, leading to very accurate reproduction of original source material (CD is limited to 22.05kHz and a dynamic range of 96dB). The result is sound that is nearly free of distortion and signal noise, so you'll hear music that is remarkably faithful to the original performance." ================================================================ If band members, friends of the band or colleagues etc. see this post, please release SACD versions of all the studio albums - as a box set. You can't just leave the high quality stuff locked away in a vault somewhere. If not just for me and a few others who would really appreciate it, it should be done for posterity. Eventually the younger generation will begin to want hear high quality audio instead of the compressed crap they are happy to listen to at the moment.
  10. Thanks again Old Quad Guy, hopefully something will come out in the next year or two.
  11. FAO Old Quad Guy Thanks for the reply, I omitted to say that I currently own a Poineer PD-D6-J SACD player, A-A9-J amp and S-H-10V(-W)speakers. I have recently bought about 15 SACDs and am really enjoying the improved sound quality. Although even my normal CD's sound slightly better with a decent system. I would love to buy alot more SACDs, but there just aren't enough available. Although there seem to be more SACDs than DVD-As available, and classical music new releases are coming out all the time on SACD. When I look on DVD-A sites most of the discs say "not in stock." =============================================================== You said: "When they master from the original tapes they still need to start at least at DVD-Audio 24 bit / 96 kHz level sample rates or at SACD bit rate 24 bit / 192 kHz even if they were only doing regular CD’s to get better sound." ................................................................................ ............................................................. Do you know if the remastered CDs that they have already made have master copies at the SACD bit rate of 24 bit / 192 kHz, which could just be copied onto SACDs or would they have to start from scratch again? It seems SACD releases are popular with the older artists e.g Bowie, Dylan, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Stones. I would have thought it could be a nice little earner for Zep, but I can't work out if the format is being allowed to die.
  12. I've been reading some of your posts on another thread with interest 'Old Quad Guy', esp. stuff relating to sound quality - very informative. I don't possess a DVD-A player so naturally I would prefer SACD releases of all the original studio albums. Although I would buy a DVD-A player as well, if I had to, in order to hear Led Zep. at their best. I have just read that the Warner Bros HD DVD has been pulled in favour of Blu Ray. Blu Ray is the Sony preference - as is SACD to the best of my knowledge. So I'm thinking that maybe SACD will triumph over DVD-A in the high quality CD sound war. Does anyone know if the band intend to release their albums in DVD-A or SACD or both? If not, does anyone know how this particular post could be brought to the band's attention?
  13. Personally, I would buy the first nine albums right now if they were available in SACD format. Please Led Zeppelin let me hear you work at the best standard possible. If you have to arrange a tie up with Sony or Phillips or whoever, please sort it. I would happily pay £20 per album x 9 = £180 Instead of continually shuffling and repackaging the stuff I already have, give me all the albums up to In Through the Out Door in SACD format. Nice little project for JP next year. Most of it has already been remastered - would it be that much more work to put it all on SACDs?
  14. Personally, I would buy the first nine albums right now if they were available in SACD format. Please Led Zeppelin let me hear you work at the best standard possible. If you have to arrange a tie up with Sony or Phillips or whoever, please sort it. I would happily pay £20 per album x 9 = £180 It doesn't have to be surround sound - I prefer 2 channel stereo for listening to music.
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