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  1. It was filmed right? It's been awhile but I watched some video of them performing songs from "Houses of the Holy". I really liked it.
  2. I saw Gov't Mule in concert at Memphis about 3 years ago. Maybe it's just me but watching Warren Haynes play guitar was an incredible experience. The band put on a fantastic show and ranks up there at the top of all the concerts I've attended.
  3. I've lurked around ATS for a couple years. I don't give a rats ass about birth certificates, aliens or 9/11 conspiracies. I enjoy the political forums, ancient history and lately the genetically modified food threads. Its a great place to find alternative news. I learned recently from ATS that trading gold and silver will become illegal as of July 15. I would not have known this if not for ATS.
  4. I have a book published in 1962 that is about ships and general ocean topics. There is a chapter about the Philadelphia Experiment. The book says that Congress printed a booklet about the P.E., acknowledging that the incident happened. I wonder what happened to those booklets. I think there was only a few hundred printed and I don't remember the publication date. I'll have to dig that book out. Anyway, reading that chapter inspired me to study physics and the work of Einstein and Tesla. I'm not a physicist by any means but enjoy the subject as long as I don't have to do the math.
  5. I loved seeing them on SNL. My daughter bought Rubber Factory on vinyl for my b-day a couple years ago. I have Magic Potion downloaded but am hoping for a vinyl copy for my birthday this year.
  6. Booker T. and The Drive-By Truckers with Bettye Lavette: Live from the Artists Den
  7. Watched "The White Ribbon". I liked it but can't say I loved it. The way the movie ended kept it from being great, imo.
  8. The latest episode of "Its Always Sunny..." If Rickety Cricket is dead, I'm pissed.
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