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  1. maven2blue

    Server Problems

    Whew! Glad to know it wasn't just me. I even cleaned out my DNS cache.
  2. maven2blue


    She was amazing on Vh1 Unplugged. http://www.vh1.com/video/misc/628242/someone-like-you-unplugged.jhtml#fbid=EiZwjUrnN6r&id=1658658
  3. maven2blue

    Robert Plant - You Can't Buy Me Love

    When I opened my Facebook today, this one was on my wall. I really like this song.
  4. maven2blue

    Yet another "one hit wonder" thread...

  5. maven2blue

    Don Kirshner dies at 76

    I saw KISS for the first time on Rock Concert. My brother and I were amazed. Times sure have changed.
  6. maven2blue

    Great Driving Albums

    Radar Love is the ultimate driving song.
  7. maven2blue

    The Black Keys

    I loved seeing them on SNL. My daughter bought Rubber Factory on vinyl for my b-day a couple years ago. I have Magic Potion downloaded but am hoping for a vinyl copy for my birthday this year.
  8. maven2blue

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Booker T. and The Drive-By Truckers with Bettye Lavette: Live from the Artists Den
  9. maven2blue

    TCV To Perform On SNL

    "I was in Led Zeppelin"
  10. maven2blue

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Watched "The White Ribbon". I liked it but can't say I loved it. The way the movie ended kept it from being great, imo.
  11. maven2blue


    Old Spice is more likely. I know "off topic" but I couldn't resist.
  12. maven2blue

    Brittany Murphy Dies at 32

    I remember when she was on the show "Almost Home" back in the early 1990's. I missed "Clueless" when it first came out. The next time I saw her was on one of those TV entertain magazines, I was shocked at how she had changed. She seemed so fragile and thin with dark circles under her eyes. This is so sad, she was a good actress.
  13. maven2blue


    Starlight is an awesome song. I also have Newborn and Supermassive Black Hole on my Zen player
  14. maven2blue

    Lottery winners

    That is baaaaaaaad picture of Robert. He looks like he's going kick them down the stairway to heaven. Anyway, congrats to the winners. Hope they get the house and invite all the members here for a housewarming party.
  15. maven2blue

    What are you watching on TV now?

    The latest episode of "Its Always Sunny..." If Rickety Cricket is dead, I'm pissed.
  16. maven2blue

    Robert Performs with Francis Dunnery

    It was fun to watch. I read Dunnery's bio awhile back on his website. He is an interesting character, quite unconverntional. There are some good pics on his forum if anyone is interested.
  17. maven2blue

    Adam Lambert - Time for Miracles

    I watched this video on Yahoo a few hours ago, so maybe its here to stay. I loved it. Adam is a fantastic singer. He has a cd coming out in November. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.
  18. maven2blue

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    A Hazy Shade of Winter-Bangles
  19. maven2blue

    Plant does the O2 11th Sept 09

    That settles it, he still can hit the high notes. All the naysayers can jump off a cliff. Love the band. Hair looks great. Robert was certainly in top form. Thanx for posting you guys.
  20. maven2blue

    Favorite "Pop" songs

    Fame-David Bowie you'll never find-Lou Rawls Jack and Jill-Ray Parker jr and Raydio Save Tonight-Eagle Eye Cherry Ebb Tide-Righteous Brothers Everytime I think of you-The Babys Five O'Clock World-The Vogues Fooled around and fell in love-Elvin Bishop Genie in a Bottle-Christina Aguilera I need you tonight-INXS
  21. maven2blue

    What are your present day hobbies?

    Playing Boggle Bash on Club Pogo
  22. maven2blue

    Rock Legend To Become Vice-President

    "It turns out that Wolves should have played Plant up front, in defence - hell, anywhere he liked. He’s the VeePee, dude…"
  23. maven2blue

    What is the average height here?

    5'3" Almost 5'4" I've started working out on the weight machine again, so, maybe ... If ...I...stretch, I'll gain that 1/4 inch.