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  1. Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher

    “Individualism has come in for an enormous amount of criticism over the years. It still does. It is widely assumed to be synonymous with selfishness -- an argument which I have already examined and I hope successfully dismissed. But the main reason why so many people in power have always disliked individualism is because it is individualists who are ever keenest to prevent abuse of authority.

    A large part of the explanation of why the English have been so successful in making liberty work is, I am convinced, that the nation has bred and nurtured more than its share of these rugged, angular individualists. We all know who they are. They are the people referred as ‘one of a kind’, or ‘a character’, or, sometimes and less favourably ‘a difficult customer’, or even on occasion ‘a damned nuisance’. They are not to be consigned to social categories, nor planned into programmes, nor fitted into schemes. They drive socialists wild. We need such individualists in every walk of life. We need them just as oysters need grit. No grit, no pearl.”

  2. Last year, I bought a Lily Pulitzer sundress. I was amazed at the number of people who asked me where they could buy a dress like that. I like her dresses because they are pretty without being too cute.

    RIP Lily

  3. About a month ago, I picked up Dead Man's Shoes from a Spotify promotion and put in my starred list. I haven't had time to explore more of their music. I'm glad you made this thread. I'll put them at the top of my list the next time that I go looking for new music.

  4. Did you know that on Halloween 2007, Gov't Mule covered the entire "Houses of the Holy" album? It's available for sale as "Holy Haunted House".

    It was filmed right? It's been awhile but I watched some video of them performing songs from "Houses of the Holy". I really liked it.

  5. Definitely a good thing, opens up Led Zeppelin's music and helps them reach whole new audiences. Spotify heavily promote star artists, Led Zeppelin are looking old-fashioned by not being available to stream.

    One of the things that keeps me on Spotify is the promotions. I fell in love with Latin music because of a Spotify promotion of a Spanish artist. I don't really care if Led Zeppelin begins streaming because I have the albums and CD's. Actually that applies to most of my favorite Classic Rock. I do agree that streaming would open up their music to new audience and that would be fantastic

  6. I saw Gov't Mule in concert at Memphis about 3 years ago. Maybe it's just me but watching Warren Haynes play guitar was an incredible experience. The band put on a fantastic show and ranks up there at the top of all the concerts I've attended.

  7. offtop: That's a pretty good band btw. Loved their Broken Side of Time album!

    Thanks you guys for the Alberta Cross posts. This is the first time I have listened to them. Broken Side of Time was really good. Good enough to get me to post after several months away from here. :lol:

    Keeping this on topic, I've talked to some friends and if this is the O2 dvd release, there will be a viewing party at my house.

    BTW, the font for the five and the four, I'm referring to the block letters style was really popular in the early to mid1970's. I remember, myself and other kids printing our name and the words "Love" and "Peace" on our notebooks in big block letters like this, Hyphens or dashes or whatever in this case is used by the graphic artist to give a word symmetry and unique style. Nothing more, nothing less. :)

  8. Now I come to you with broken arms

    Hoping you'll see what your loves

    done to me, broken arms-Journey

    Love is Like Oxygen-Air Supply

    I just called to say, I hate you-Stevie I Wonder

  9. Hi maven :wave:

    There's no harm in having fun speculating until we know the truth. And the truth can only come from Jimmy Page. So let's have fun!

    I'm proud of everyone "reading into" the mysteriousness. Because at the end of the day, what's the harm? I like that we as a forum are doing research into astrology and the occult and esoterica. So what if we end up being wrong?

    It is fun :D I did not know that Jimmy played on that many records. I always thought Brenda Lee was made in America, so to speak. Its fantastic to learn something new. I think the name of the song says it all. "Is it true?" as in good things are about to happen.

  10. I think they were kidding. One of Brenda Lee's biggest hits was "I'm Sorry".

    I reread those FB posts. They are saying that the Lee song was playing before the XXII appeared on the site. Its just really weird. These posts were made by people who wouldn't joke around about something like this. Clicking on the hourglass redirected you to the song. Oh well, if it was there its gone now.

  11. I've lurked around ATS for a couple years. I don't give a rats ass about birth certificates, aliens or 9/11 conspiracies. I enjoy the political forums, ancient history and lately the genetically modified food threads. Its a great place to find alternative news. I learned recently from ATS that trading gold and silver will become illegal as of July 15. I would not have known this if not for ATS.

  12. I think Jimmy's site is finish. I think he wait that the clock goes down. Maybe he has a surprise on the homepage, like "New Coverdale/Page album"... :rolleyes:


    Several people on FB said that when they clicked on the page a "Brenda Lee " song played. I didn't hear anything but the sound of sand whooshing in the hourglass. Maybe the surprise is a duet with Brenda Lee. :lol:

    That sand pouring made me think of this: Like sands through a hourglass, so are the days of Jimmy Page's life. <_<

  13. I have a book published in 1962 that is about ships and general ocean topics. There is a chapter about the Philadelphia Experiment. The book says that Congress printed a booklet about the P.E., acknowledging that the incident happened. I wonder what happened to those booklets. I think there was only a few hundred printed and I don't remember the publication date. I'll have to dig that book out. Anyway, reading that chapter inspired me to study physics and the work of Einstein and Tesla. I'm not a physicist by any means but enjoy the subject as long as I don't have to do the math. :P

  14. I watched someone fall off the roof of a house once. It scared me so bad that I went into hysterics and started laughing instead of crying. It wasn't funny. I guess you could say that I was venting. A friend that was with me threatened to smack me if I didn't stop. That did the trick. I was able to calm down. The person who fell wasn't seriously injured, thank goodness.

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