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  1. A friend e-mailed me a link for the Journey/Cheaptrick/ Heart tour. I think that Heart not doing the whole tour? I barely glanced at the link because I know that I don't have the money for the tickets. Gas and hotel wouldnt be too bad because we would carpooling and sharing a room but still. :(

  2. I think most people in this forum would wish that he would make new music with his old bandmates, but perhaps easier said than done. Finding a new musical direction that not only inspires a musician is difficult enough - but imagine trying to use that inspiration to create something totally new. I think many of us underestimate just how difficult this can be to achieve. Just because a person may have the wish to write new music and lyrics doesn't mean that it just comes automatically.

    I think it is difficult to create music that is considered relevant today. The music business and fans can be very fickle, what is hot today becomes passe tomorrow. The environment of the music business itself is not very inspiring. Whether Robert decides to go his own way or reunite with JP and JPJ, the mechanics of creating something new will not be easy.

    I totally agree with you.

    I don't think he will keep doing this American roots music forever. He is too much of an explorer, musically. Always looking for something new to capture his interest. Who knows whats next? I'm sure even he doesnt know.

    This past weekend, I was in a flea market looking at albums. There was one called "Songs from the Tyrol" It had some people wearing Barvarian hats, kicking up their heels on the cover. I thought about Robert Plant and his musical exploration. Then I realized this music was probably something like polka. :huh: I put the album back in the stack and didnt think about it again until I saw this thread. :D

  3. I was shocked and saddened when the news of his death came up on my homepage this morning. He was a distinctive personality among all the talking heads. I can hear his voice as I type this. He will surely be missed.

  4. pipi caca

    His new music is shit, if he reunites with Led Zeppelin, his music will reach new heights musically, let alone on the charts.

    Do you guys have any idea of how fast this new album will sell?

    This will be ridiculous, but what is strictly ridiculous is Robert's current cooing and vocalized/verbalized humming. Reminds me of the half-assed aspect of primitive blues. Really lazy.

    So Bobby, drop the BS and the chick, she isnt worth anything to you, she's got u dazed and confuzed, you've been hoodwinked, you've got a Yoko gnawing at your soul. She is poison, spit her out!!!

    When this project began, I was not a Raising Sand fan and still don't like the cd but I loved their live performance. Plant worked his ass off to entertain us that night. He did a fine job of it too. He was fun and whole night was a joyful one. We even got Alison to smile a couple times. So, if you havent been to one of their concerts, go fuck off and quit raining on other people's parade. And no, I am not a Plant apologist. I just liked the concert.

  5. I wasnt trying to diss you, Eternal Light. You are a fount of good information. I just felt bad for laughing. :) Heard somewhere on this board that you write stuff for wikipedia. I was wondering if it was Zep stuff.

    I'm a Kentuckian too but the western end of the state. I've lived in several states but been in ky the longest.

  6. Eternal Light, that was really bad. :unsure: I feel even worse because I don't know whether to laugh or cry. :blink: Oddly enough, I was listening to Captain Beefheart singing "give me that old time religion" when I saw your post. Just made it even more disturbing.

  7. When I was a kid, my parents drug me to numerous country music, bluegrass and gospel concerts. When I turned 18, I ran to the first rock concert, I could get to. Sadly though, it was Rick Springfield. :D I wish that I had got a refund, I could have bought a Led Zeppelin album. But LZ was persona non grata in my house growing up. So, I had never really listened to them. I probably would have bought a Pat Benetar album instead.

  8. not devoid (i don't believe i said that) because yes, you are right-they did have books. and some people owned art from europe (i would estimate that percentage small, wouldn't you?) do you own any books from the 1840's? the amount (number of pictures) and quality of the graphic printing is a little to be desired(images being mostly engraved). not to mention, had he lived in europe at the same time, he would have had museums in britian, france, spain, amsterdam, and many more within a managable travel scenario where he could have seen both ancient and contemporary masterpieces.

    btw, rimmer was born in liverpool.

    your opinion of icarus is valid-the only problem i have with that is Icarus moved downward due to the wax wings melting-which is not part of rimmers' visage. (that doesn't mean you're wrong, though)

    apollo was said to ride the sun as a chariot across the sky. but we have an ancient image of apollo on the gryphon. that was my point, btw. one or two steps away from the original myth and apollo could wear a tuxedo if that was someone's artistic vision.

    most paintings from the renaissance and before showed lucifers' fall with the him being driven by a spear from the archangel Michael. there are exceptions to everything that has gone before-that is what art is: a different perspective.

    if it were lucifer, that would be a more romantic image as far as some of zeppelin's audience is concerned. and hey, if that's what you prefer, nobody really knows for sure, so knock yourself out.

    the point you mention about what led zeppelin wanted the image to represent is definitely the more compelling question....

    a good local resource may be steve jones. i'm sure he has some files in his archive that document the launch of swan song and possibly more clues to what zeppelin intended with the logo. too bad this question isn't in the "mysteries" thread.

    Here's another possibility. The first time I saw the label on the poster I thought of the fairy tale about seven brothers who turned into swans by a witch. Their sister needed to knit sweaters for them to wear which would change them back into humans. She had a limited amount of time to make the sweaters. She made six and a half sweaters so the seventh brother was left with wings and a human body. Much later I saw the name swan song and remembered the poster and the story.

  9. I couldnt finish watching it, I was laughing too hard. Plant would be good in a Hee Haw comedy skit. :lol:

    I'm talking about his "country twang" in One Woman Man. It was painful to listen to this. Till now, I've loved the Raising Sand tour. I was at the first show in Louisville and enjoyed it very much. But this, I don't know. :blink:

  10. Actually, I was being misleading when I said I didnt understand this. I do understand what he is saying but sometimes I get impatient with his roundabout way of saying things. Especially now, I trying to quit smoking and I have very little patience left for anything.

    So, here is what I got from it. If you read the Shakespeare's sonnets 127-152, there is a woman known as the dark lady. She had poor Shakespeare all tied up in knots. Some sonnets he loves her , others he is really angry at her. scholars have tried to figure out who she is, but its just one of those things we will never know. I can understand Robert feeling the same way Shakespeare did in those sonnets, maybe toward all women or maybe a particular woman. Who knows.

    About him creating this woman in effigy, I guess he was saying that his woman doesnt have to be perfect, she just has to love him.

    On cell phones, I really get annoyed when people talk on them in elevators.

    Here is Robert Plant and a funny cell phone story that I will close with.

    I dreamed one night that I was at a dinner but my cell phone kept ringing so I never got to eat. One of the people that called was Robert. He was at an outdoor farmers market. He asked me if I had ever ate an avocado. I said no. He said you should try them I know you would like it. I told him that I had to go. Several minutes later, he called again. This time he wanted to discuss pineapples. I got really mad at this point and hung up the phone. When I realized all the food was gone, I went inside the building and laid my cell phone on a table in the hallway. Then went into the bathroom to hide. I could hear the phone ringing and people wanting to know whose phone it was. Then I woke up.

    BTW, I bought a avocado recently and I love them.

  11. When I ask who wears the trousers in this partnership, Plant fires back in typical knockabout style: “Depends on what day it is. She puts up with some of my rather lewd English, Black Country stuff. And I have to wait for her to get ready, ha ha ha. That kinda balances it out a bit.”

    “That’s fair,” Krauss agrees. “I am tardy!”

    Asked if this is her most annoying habit, Plant says no, it’s her addiction to her mobile phone and her love of a gossip. He pretends he has a phone cradled in his neck and mimics Krauss’s hushed, Midwestern tones: “Oh, did he say that? Oh no. And was he happy about it? Uh-huh.” He claps his hands delightedly. “She’s in love with a thousand people and they all call her! And her phone’s on the music stand while we’re rehearsing.”

    And Plant’s most annoying habit? Krauss, with her polite, rather Southern sensibility, initially demurs. Plant helps out: “Can I just say… Lovebomb.”

    “Ohhhh!” Krauss hollers. “There you go, that’s it! He talks about this girl and I just wanna puke every time.”

    Who is Lovebomb?

    “She’s just an effigy that I’ve created,” Plant yelps.

    An idealised vision of woman?

    “F*****’ not ’alf!”

    “Yeah, we don’t wanna hear about that…” Krauss groans. Now both of them are purring and mewling and guffawing.

    “I suppose,” Plant says, as he recovers some composure, “this is how Lou Reed must have been with Patti Smith.”

    Seeing his frustration, Plant’s empathetic new partner rides to his rescue.

    “We could talk about Lovebomb again!” Krauss chimes in. “She’s a hundred years younger than him!”

    “Ah, she will always be there,” Plant rhapsodises, oddly, “somewhere, in a Shakespearean sonnet!” I have no idea what he’s talking about, but Krauss is lolling about on the sofa, pretending to barf.

    I have no idea what this is about. Sometimes you need an interpreter to understand his Plantations.

    Maybe his real reason for the Raising Sand Tour is to find the elusive "lovebomb". :blink::D

  12. Yes, you are an original Bomber. I don't know you personally but have enjoyed your posts. And learned some things in the process. Hate to see you go. You will surely be missed. :( Do you belong to any other Zeppelin forums? Maybe we will all meet elsewhere if you do.

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