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  1. I think old Andy's being a bit sanctimonious there. There's a lot to be said for "Did they give countless hours of musical pleasure to people around the globe, thus enhancing the quality of their lives?" People who do that very often also give large gobs of money to charities, which would get them a check-mark on at least the first three questions, even if their wealth wasn't accumulated solely for the benefit of others.

    I agree that musicians and other artists do give large amounts of money to charity and not always publically. There is no way to know how much money Jackson gave away. He probably did quite a bit. The comment reminded me of how easy it is to judge people on appearances, focusing on the negative and ignoring the positive contributions they have made. I agree with Andy in that looking back on a person's life we should talk about their altruism, benevolence, ect.

    Well put, Ev "If you're measured by your deeds, be measured by all your deeds equally"

  2. When can you speak ill of the dead?


    By Tom de Castella

    It's a month since the death of Michael Jackson - an event which triggered much worshipful coverage of the singer's life. Has enough time passed for a more impartial assessment of the man?

    When Michael Jackson died the global media cleared the decks for the King of Pop. But not everyone was reading the script.

    "This guy was a pervert," said Peter King, Republican state congressman for New York. "He was a child molester, he was a paedophile, and to be giving this much coverage to him day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country?"

    The British satirical magazine Private Eye summarised the media's U-turn on Jackson thus: "What you didn't read in all the newspapers: 'Mad Paedophile Dead: Yesterday a 50 year-old mentally ill paedophile died in America.'"

    Our traditional response to a person's death can be summed up by the Latin "de mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est" - roughly translated "don't speak ill of the dead". But in the information age, where the news keeps on rolling and the notion of deference has long since been replaced by a fascination with fame, how does the old maxim hold up?

    Click here to read the remainder of the article.

    I liked this comment: If we're going to judge someone, forget popularity and glitter, ask; Did they make the world better? Did they genuinely improve another person? Did they perform any genuinely altruistic benevolent act? Did they accumulate wealth and fame for the benefit of others? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then they have done something worth mentioning. Otherwise stop bothering me about them.

    Andy Wilcock, Tunbridge Wells

  3. I have the Niki Hoeky album. Its not bad. I like to play it when people drop in and the beer is flowing. :D

    I've been looking for Three Week Hero at my favorite flea market. Lot of good buys there. I just don't have the hours to spend looking through hundreds of albums, as much I would enjoy it. ;)

  4. Angela's Ashes is the only book that I can remember making me cry.

    I believe that Frank, the twins and their little sister are together again, dancing in the sunlight with no worries. :)

  5. Okay, now I get it. The chihuahua was speared in London, KY and Plant was in London, England.

    Threw me for a loop. I watched the video and thought these people sound like they're from Kentucky. :D

    I'm happy to hear the chihuahua is going to be okay; poor little guy.

    Glad Mr. Plant is okay too. I read somewhere that his other accident was in July also. I don't know which year though.

  6. I watched someone whom I have come to love puking blood due to her excessive drinking. When I tried to get her to go the emergency room, she took off and vanished.

    When someone decides to self-destruct, there is nothing you can do about it. They have to save themselves. I know it sounds harsh but the only thing you can do is save yourself. Don't get sucked into the abyss with them. If this person does decide to change then it is imperative that you be there but not until they do.

  7. Aleister Crowley is the great misunderstood genius of the 20th century.' ... Jimmy Page: Past, Presence & Future Interview by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, ...

    Same for Michael...Nobody ever took the time to make an sincere effort to understand universe of his heart and mind........So very sad, just another example of unfortunate event that justifies how much our society has changed and remains the same....Michael had the every right to be understood in the face of humanity....The childhood he lost couldn't have possibly been measured with fame/fortune...and this is what happens when one cannot stay true to their identity for unfortunate reasons........

    .RIP Michael, I wish we could have done more for you as you made us laugh with your moves and music......

    Nicely put, Planetpage. I totally agree with you

  8. The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara

    ...what a book. It's on the top three list of Books That Changed My Life. I'm seriously impressed by Guevara. Hardly anyone knows more than this famous photo, and his thoughts and actions - in this young age...I haven't read enough to judge his later life - show in a way that he deserves to be the idol he is today. I can find many of my own hopes and worries in him.

    PLus the book is written poetic, funny, personal, and you always have the feeling to sit right behind Guevara on his motorcycle (poor Alberto Grenado...but with a friend like this he just IS in the background, what he didn't deserve;- )

    I can recommand it to everyone who wants a little mind-blowing!

    Sounds like a good read. I have the book, Che Guevara : A Revolutionary Life by John Lee Anderson. A detailed account of Guevara's life (approx. 800 pages). I think Anderson did a good job covering Guevara's character and life. I was fascinated. :)

  9. ;) How original

    Ps- one of my favorite songs

    One my favorites too. Recently, I was sitting in cafe at 2AM, talking to a friend and that song came on the jukebox. We stopped talking and just sat and listened. One of those cool, indescribable moments out of time.

  10. Awful meatloaf because I made it :o:D good mashed taters, they came out of a box :P

    I'm not a cook. I prefer restaurants or putting something in the microwave.

    Happy Birthday Evster! Sounds like your off to a good start with the celebrating.

  11. My first thought when I watched that video was "OUCH!"

    Yes, Bret is sleazy but he doesn't try to hide it. Its all cool as long as your not dating him. :D He certainly didnt deserve to be bashed in the face like that.

  12. I lived in Buncombe county in the 1990's. My children went to school at Glen Arden which at that time was the best school in the county. I remember the problems with the schools. It was really bad. A lot of the problems had to do with funding. The parents of the Glen Arden students were a great bunch. They spent a lot time and money to make it a better school and it paid off. GA had the highest grades and the least amount state and local funding.

    I love Buncombe county but I met some of the oddest people and saw some crazy stuff that makes you go :blink: I've lived in the North and the South and traveled the U.S. but Buncombe has the wackiest people. :D

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