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  1. It was a hot topic on the AI forums, the last weeks of the show. People were asking what they should do about it or if anything could be done. Apparently, voters were getting confirmation texts saying "thanking you for voting for Kris" when the person voted for Adam. This started happening when they were down to the final three. Danny Gokey voters got shafted too. I havent heard an official announcement about this. So, it looks like nothing will done about it. They need to change the voting system. I voted last year for David Cook but didnt vote this year. I won't vote again after this fiasco.

  2. I thought Adam deserved to win AI, but glad he doesn't have to actually be under their control, etc.! B) He is so good looking and I loved all of his performances! I liked Kris toward the last few weeks of the season and it was kinda cool that an underdog could win. I can't wait to buy Adam's CD and I would love to see him do a gig with Queen! I hope he sings some more Zepp songs when he does his solo tour.

    Could Adam Lambert Become Queen's New Front Man?

    By Adam Bryant

    Mon May 25, 7:52 AM PDT

    If you thought Adam Lambert looked like a natural fit with iconic rockers Queen during American Idol's finale, you weren't the only one.

    Hours after it was announced that Lambert was Season 8's runner-up last week, widespread speculation began circulating that the 26-year-old singer had been offered a job as Queen's new front man. While that's not true yet, guitarist Brian May isn't ruling out the possibility.

    "Amongst all that furor, there wasn't really a quiet moment to talk. But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point," May told Rolling Stone. "It's not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn't that easy. But I'd certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there."

    Queen recently ended a four-year relationship with Paul Rodgers, who was handling the vocal duties for the band.

    Lambert auditioned for Idol with Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and instantly became a buzzed-about contender for the show's Top 36. His revved-up, glam-rock numbers and hauntingly restrained ballads made him the front-runner all season before ultimately coming up short. While the show has produced more pop artists than rockers, May recognizes that springboard it provides young artists.

    For now, Lambert must first complete the 50-city tour with his fellow Top 10 members, and the Idol producers, 19 Entertainment, will likely have first dibs on anything Lambert does next. May said whatever happens, he's excited to see what Lambert and Idol winner Kris Allen (who also shared the stage during "We Are the Champions") do next.

    "Both those boys are well worthy of big success," May said. "So it's pointless for someone like me to stand on the sidelines jeering. I'm confident Adam will make great use of this wonderful opportunity. I hope I'm there to see it."

  3. My sister said, couldve been because he was gay... Who knows..

    There has been a lot of speculation about this, on and off the internet. An informal, fun poll at a local high school had Adam as the winner. The majority believed he lost because of the gay issue.

    IMO, it was not because he was gay or perceived as, but because he was more flamboyant, less conservative than Kris. Other factors such as the obvious bias of the judges probably had an effect also.

  4. You can't be serious? PHENOMINAL?? This emo dude is crap...full stop...a Karaoke singer. And it was REALLY embarrasing seeing KISS perform with this punk...I cringed!! KISS, how could they get so low. I'm dumbstruck and embarrased. God help us if this kid is the future of music. No wonder I am still living in the '70's!!

    :lol: My parents used to say almost the same thing... in the '70's about Led Zeppelin, Kiss and RocknRoll in general

  5. This implies that they deliberately invented and played on these rumors in order to sell records, which is crap. I don't know ONE SINGLE PERSON who bought their albums because of rumors like that--they bought them for the music, period.

    Oh, and they didn't need to dispel most of those rumors at the time because the truth--where Jimmy lived, for example--was already out there in print. Only people determined to believe ludicrous stories would have believed those rumors, and there's no point trying to enlighten them anyway. If I were Jimmy Page, I'd have considered it completely pointless to say "No, I don't conduct Satanic rituals" to idiots determined to believe I did.

    :yesnod: I've never bought an album by anyone because of rumors. I don't know anyone who has either. I've always thought the same thing about Jimmy and dispelling rumors. People will stubbornly cling to their beliefs no matter what is said to the contrary.

  6. There is a very clear image forming if you do try this technique at your computer/desk

    1. Enlarge The picture to full image

    2. While sitting at chair, bend your head to bottom of the screen, and the image will come quite clear, as the background ink/color all becomes solid, and the image is "carved"....

    having looked at this, I am "Speculating" it is a Loc. Monster, given Jimmy's interest in it early on...

    OR it could be another Mythical animal?

    Finally, from this technique above, it is clear that it is NOT a symbol of any kind, but just an image of some "animal" related to Western Myths....

    Looks like a dragon or gryphon

  7. I haven't watched it lately. Does it empower the women in their careers or is the exposure on this show mere exploitation? I have not quite decided.

    He comes across as self-centered at times.

    Other times, he seems insightful.

    I wonder sometimes if his instincts about the ladies are reliable.

    He reads them wrong occasionally, for instance that one time when he found the one to rock his world, but after that she disappeared.

    It's mainly showtime. That one scene where Big John reminds the ladies not to be slutty made me laugh.

    I just watched that episode a couple days ago on the VH1 website. I had to laugh when that drunk girl was laying on the speed bump crying.

  8. driving through town today, I was listening to the local classic rock station when I heard "Hi! I'm Jimmy Page." Apparently they lined up some guitarists for a station promo. Jimmy has such a lovely speaking voice. Made a good day even better. :)

  9. Adam is fantastic. I had my doubts at first but then I watched this video. It really shows what his capabilities.

    I've been rooting for Allison Iraheta but it's getting tough because her and Adam are both such good singers. I get a chill when she sings "Alone" by Heart.

    Simon gets my WTF sign of the day. :wtf: Adam's version of Ring of Fire was great. It was different for sure but his voice was better than ever. I liked the sitar, which was the only thing the performance had in common with "Kashmir". Maybe the only two times, Paula has heard anything Eastern. :D

  10. i just finished The Shack by Wm. Paul Young.

    A life changing read (believing in God and Christ, a pre-req for this one).

    I saw that one at Books a Million last night. I looked at it but bought the Gospel of Thomas instead which somone has listed on this thread.

    Lots of good recommendations on here.

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