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  1. A stage company has been selected and the tour will go forward. In speaking about the various lighting guidlines for the stage he was able to read the outfits that will be worn. Jimmy will wear a silver/metallic satin dragon suit. JPJ wll wear a red and gold satin dragon suit. John Bonham Jr. will wear a black Dragon suit with a stitched image of his father on it. Gary Cherone, formerly from Extreme is rumored to be the likely singer. John Jr., however favors Joe elliot from Def Leppard and Jimmy and JPJ are beginning to like that idea. The singer will be asked to Wear a golden sequened dragon suit. auditions are also being held for a group of female backup singers. Jimmy really wants the shows to be special. The band met with the stage company and my friend caught a glimpse of Page himself. He said Jimmy is now wearing a handlebar moustache and looks pretty cool. The tour will probably be announced this spring.

    :hysterical: :hysterical: "gasps for breath" :hysterical:

    Welcome to the forum, Quintas. :wave:

  2. He's changed so much it's hard to see why I should care.

    I'm curious, from your perspective, how has he changed? I know that he has because its just part of the process of getting older. I know that I'm not the same person that I was twenty years ago. I can see myself becoming the person that I wanted to be when I grew up.

    I find this interesting because I've noticed other people expressing similar sentiments lately.

    I do think that its okay to lose interest in what a person is doing, musically or otherwise but a part of you still cares and wishes them the best. :)

  3. a French movie called Passion in the Desert. A French soldier is lost in the desert, meets and falls in love with a female leopard, has sex with her and then kills the poor cat. She should have bit his head off the first time he climbed on her but then there wouldn't have been much of a movie left. A disturbing movie with no merit whatsoever except that it prompted a lot man-cat love jokes around my house for a day.

  4. I thought it was a compliment also.

    Rap is not music.

    It is noise, copying, borrowing, stealing real musicians work and a few other things I care to not print. Period.

    R cool.gif

    Dnt forget that not all of Zeppelin's songs were completely original, particularly the first album

    Rap is not music, ill give you that, its the poem that is sung. The actual beat is there first, and thats all it is, a beat. Combine it, and u DO have music.

    Yes, Kanye is very, very, very cocky. But a lot of musicians are.(PLANT LOL)

    Im not usually a fan of rap and the generic beats but Kanye is different, better than most.

    True and his latest album. 808's and Heartbreak is not Rap or Hip Hop. Its R&B. He is off in another direction on this album. Its raw and emotional and the production is superb. :)

  5. He was saying that the artist of today should be more like hero's or legends in their own time, then these thugs, or sluts, or plan ass posers that are producing music today.

    Kanye is an cocky son of a bitch, but his last album is really is good. It was hip hop, but it was more music than lyrics. Everything flowed together just like how every Zep album flowed together. Zep pushed the boundaries of music, while being in good taste, IMHO, Kanye has pushed the boundaries or atleast soften the wall between Hip hop and rock.

    Remember when hip hop back in the early 90's was something more about than how rich they are, or how good they fuck. I think Kanye is slowly pushing it back into that direction.

    I agree with you, his last album is really good. I heard for the first time, a couple days ago and I really liked it. I've never been a fan of rap and usually don't like Hip hop but I've put this one of my "must buy" list. IMO, Kanye has grown over the years as an artist and many years from now will be looked back on as one of the "Greats".

  6. I've talked to people who think he is referring to Strange Sensation. That would be fantastic but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    I find it odd that the interviewer didn't mention the official statement. But he did say that he wasn't going to ask the Led Zeppelin question so that may be why he doesn't say anything about the statement.

  7. Greetings everyone ,

    Once again thanks for the continued support of the upcoming big night of Zeppelin spirit .

    I am about to embark on a two week vacation to Cancun in Mexico and will try and find a computer while there. Upon doing so I will send out any necessary updates.

    I don't have much to add to the festivities report for now, but would like to add that as the final day approaches it would be appreciated if everyone confirmed there intention to attend.

    I require a head count for prizes and supplies.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing you all on my return.


    Have a great trip! Dammit, I'm turning green with envy.

  8. Raising Shit tour

    Here is an idea. If Jimmy and the rest of the band adopt American accents, preferably southern, Jonesy puts on a dress and a blonde wig and they tell him that they are Alison Krauss and the Raising Sand band then he'll never know the difference. Everybody's happy. :lol:

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