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  1. So, in couple years, we can expect to be see him receive a Dove Award.
  2. I agree. He has what is called "selective memory" I like the second video where he has these spontaneous moments. At times like that, he'll say about anything. Much different from a planned sit down interview.
  3. I go to flea markets and a really good locally owned record shop. At flea markets, you usually have to wade through a lot crap before you find something good but I've always found something I liked.
  4. A Sony Home Theater system. I've had it for a couple years. Replaced the DVD player several months ago. The speakers are the best that I've owned in a very long time.
  5. I posted this in a TEC awards thread on another forum and just now decided to bring it over here. Maybe there on other people who feel the same as I do about Robert and Raising Sand. After thinking about what he said about this project and putting it with other comments that he has made since Raising Sand began, I think that he has found something that he has spent much of his life looking for, something that has remained elusive till now. This goes beyond music. He radiates joy and seems at peace with himself, to me anyway. I can't say for certain what that "something" is but is probably involves the mental and maybe spiritual. Anyway, I'm happy that he is making music he enjoys and that it has brought him to a place where he found answers.
  6. I have it playing right now. Running smoothly.
  7. The first one is the Hall of Fame introduction. The second was record production album. Great speeches. Very funny. My favorite quote from Plant: "I'm going to become a maverick when I grow up"
  8. Renting the movie Mr. Woodcock buying a Pablo Cruise album
  9. Have you seen the video, they did together for the song "Missing You'? I love the way they look at each other when she walks into the studio. They just light up. Powerful stuff.
  10. maven2blue

    Pet Peeves

    Yeah, I wish they wouldn't put them on salad bars at restaurants. Large chunks of carrots in salads are a no no also.
  11. The guy's name is Ginger. A name like that will make you mean or do heroin. Remember a boy named Sue?
  12. He's got the moves in this video. Sort of......................
  13. Thanks for posting Xtazy. This is the AC/DC, I know and love. Didn't expect them to do anything different. I would have been horrified if they had mellowed out. IMO, they are the best rock band today in terms of longevity and energy. I can't wait for the concert and DVD. Favorite songs: Big Jack Spoilin' For a Fight Decibel Rock 'N Roll Train Rocking all the way Anything Goes War Machine Black Ice Stormy May Day
  14. Short, silly posts with no facts. The First LedZep is Sarah Palin.
  15. Plant speaking to Neil McCormick in the Telegraph:"It's really about going into the place in your soul at the time you get the calling," he told me when I spoke to him last year. "There is nothing on the planet that's worth doing now that isn't compulsory to my soul's passage. There's not one single step I will take in front of the next if it isn't going in the right place." That is my prayer answered.
  16. What was sick about the video? It was kind of sad watching it and knowing that 3 of them are no longer with us but other than that, I didn't see anything unusual about it.
  17. I would cast my vote for Electrophile as VP. She's a hell of a lot smarter than Palin.
  18. I've smoked pot about 8 or 9 times. Never got anything out it whatsoever. Someone told me that I wasn't inhaling deep enough. I said that if you've got have the ability to "suck a golf ball through 10 feet of garden hose" to get anything out of a joint then just forget it, I'm too lazy.
  19. When I was a child, in the late 1970's, my family vacationed in Galveston. My grandparents lived in Southeast Texas close to the shore. The thing that I remembered most about Galveston was the 1900 hurricane because it was still a big deal to people who lived there. They were proud of how they rebuilt and remained prepared for another hurricane. I can't remember all the details because it was 30 years ago but the significance of that particular hurricane remained in my memory.
  20. Yeah, their only source was the Sun. Did you look at the pictures underneath the article? "Led Zeppelin through the years" OMG! I saved a few. I thank you so much for posting this link.
  21. This sounds fascinating, H. Good Luck and let us know how it goes.
  22. The Daily Telegraph had a write up on this, pretty much replicated The Sun article.
  23. Tesla Love Song Paradise Easy Come, Easy Go
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