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  1. The 50th logo on top of the forum looks great.
  2. Mystique? ? ? ? ? We are talking about the same Jimmy Page who goes on Ellen to sell his music?
  3. Ross Halfin has been the downfall of Jimmy far as his career. Might be best of friends, and wtfe else, but he has destroyed any chance of Jimmy working again. So say~ith the moron on the internet.
  4. Sad IMO that promotion comes before preforming or making new music. Then again all this promotion is sad IMO.
  5. So this is what we make time for... Interesting.
  6. No Robert, No Zeppelin. Kind of stupid anyone believed the media onslaught that said the 3 J's were reforming LED ZEPPELIN without Robert. Ok not stupid, retarded. He's (Robert) a bit like a woman. Changes his mind on a whim. Reminds me of a Billy Joel song.
  7. No. I disagree. The classic vinyl re-issues are amazing quality. Nothing since has been as good. I don't see the need to release the entire catalog once again other than monetary. Nothing wrong with making money.
  8. I will wind up buying mega super duper or wtfe they are calling it, as I am a huge vinyl guy. Just not what I expected, and it seems like a dash for a bit O cash, and very unlike the 02 release which was amazing bargain imho. Just my 2.
  9. No one else feeling that re-boxing the catalog and throwing in a few nuggets is a joke? Do we really need this? Nothing but a run for profit imho, and it stinks on hot ice.
  10. Bit hefty in price if you ask me. Would have been nice if they bundled all 3 in a package.
  11. The only thing Ginger pisses on his himself. It's not really rational to compare these two other than someone desperate for accolade, and bitter his talent has not gotten enough recognition. Great drummer, but he did not exactly change the world, and no one is going to miss him.
  12. I have been saying im going to pave the driveway for years now...
  13. Jesus take a pill, it was just a wild thought. I could give you 10,000 justifiable reasons but the best one would be that the living members would want to release something new. Obviously it would be worthy. They haven't. Case close.
  14. Wouldn't be exciting to have a brand new song released...As in, recorded after 07 by Robert and the 3 J's?
  15. Most won't understand this comparison but it's actually a brilliant one. (Koufax and Page I mean) Many have been great, but no one, not one single pitcher in major league history could touch Koufax for his short span of dominance. You'd have had to actually have seen him pitch to understand that. You could make the same claim for Jimmy.
  16. Great...More lame limited additions for sale. How ironic is it that he now sells his own autograph?
  17. Yeah...The comment in RS by Robert back then...I think. lol
  18. Tony Thompson was out of control. Jimmy had major sonic boom going. Something along those lines.
  19. Had a blast! Wore my dragonfly shirt and got offered 200 bux for it lol...NO WAY! We were delayed in NJ for about 45 minutes because of the download delay from London...also we switched theaters, BUT! the show went on, and everyone in the house had a great time...Plus we got free tickets for another event lol...
  20. I have Early Days and Latter Days on Vinyl...Never seen the West Was Won either. I also have all the remaster box sets on vinyl.
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