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    Always thought that line was self referential .... Robert is a Leo..and I'm sure he had a lot of tadpoles in his *ahem* jar.
  2. 3DayBender

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    Don't forget the lyrics to Dancing Days: I saw a lion he was standing alone, with a tadpole in a jar.
  3. I think part of the problem could be choice of venue. I really don't think they wanted to deal with Harold Ballard (owner of Maple Leaf Gardens) after the 71 show. Pal Hal was a shifty character. They certainly could have found an outdoors venue for the 73 tour given it ran from May through July. The 75 tour would be a no go. As for 77 I have no idea where they intended to play as there most likely wasn't an big enough arena or indoor venue. If they actually had rescheduled it maybe at Exhibition Stadium. Who knows?
  4. Another cool book though perhaps not as in depth is "Shadows Taller Than Our Souls" also by Charles R. Cross...contains many gatefold photos and replicas of concert tickets, press kits etc....and a CD of Jimmy's 1977 interview with Trouser Press....
  5. I'm with Strider....Heaven and Hell is an AMAZING book! The photos are incredible and it pretty much focuses on the music. I'd hate to think what it would cost to get a copy of it these days. Glad I still have it.
  6. Erin Gray!!! The only thing that made Buck Rogers tolerable!!! Getting back on topic (sorta) it sucks that they had to replace all the incidental background music because of financial ramifications when they released the show on DVD....
  7. Just dropping by to augment the Bailey love.....mmmmmmm love me some Bailey
  8. Interesting! Thanks ! My friends older brother was nuts about these guys (he was 5 or 6 years older than me )...I've never really listened to anything by them but it's piqued my curiosity even at my late age. I am of course familiar with all the musicians just not Utopia as a group. Sadly I have no left over mescaline .
  9. I actually got banned from a Facebook music group arguing over a picture of "Jimmy" playing a guitar as a youth...I think most of you all know which picture it was...."it HAS to be him...it says so on Google!"
  10. Send it to Jimmy...he can use it on the 60th Anniversary remasters ....Long Lost Twang Take Minus Glockenspiel ....All kidding aside I enjoyed that a lot...cool!!
  11. I must admit : Painkiller was a tremendously unexpected return to form in 1990...I had lost hope...then they imploded.
  12. I'll be a tad more charitable...up to and including "Killing Machine" they grew organically and didn't really have a set formula...however with the addition of Dave Holland and starting with British Steel the albums started to sound the same thematically and production wise....I don't think you can accuse Zeppelin of the same thing.
  13. It's ok ....I usually get beaten with the stick! Besides...it took me 20 mins to come up with that ONE example....lol
  14. Wasn't this referenced during the Earl's Court shows by Plant?....though he mentioned The Locarno...Man ...Scotland must have been a tough place to get a meal in back then.
  15. What a brutal year....I'm afraid to leave the house until 2017.
  16. Here's a quick substitute...Recorded for Westwood One Radio in Ohio
  17. The interview your thinking of was on Q on CBC....I also think you have to take Robert's comments tongue in cheek as they all were from Birmingham and crossed paths quite frequently before they even formed Zeppelin and Sabbath...
  18. Who knows? It literally gives me a headache trying to decipher anything Gene says these days ...On and on and on....just say you like him and he was influential and get out. Ugh.
  19. I used it for Napster in 2001 and it just stuck....plus I tended to go on a few of them back in the day....
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