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  1. My Final Option is number 27 and I also have The Can. PM me with any questions if you are interested.
  2. I have "The Can" if anyone is interested. I also have " The Final Option" available as well
  3. I am lucky I got my Amazon pre-order in at $26.99 for deluxe blu-ray
  4. Hey Louie, looks like we might get lucky in Rochester. Regal theaters is now on the list for tickets
  5. I was thinking the same thing , the closest I have seen to us is Niagara Falls
  6. popsike shows an ebay auction from 4/11/2012 where The Final Option sold for $9500 in a one day auction, previous auction in May 2011 one sold for $5600. Just keeps going up. At least 70 records for $9500 still sound better than 5 pictures in a box for ~7000
  7. Yes, there is a black and white photo booklet, also says coloured vinyl collectors edition limited pressing of 300 on the back. Rumor is that only 200 were pressed
  8. Final Option for sale, The Can for sale, Strange Tales From the Road (first pressing colored vinyl limited to 500 copies) for sale
  9. Is anyone going to play their album and give a review?????????????
  10. Yeah , Jimmy should have re-released as it was, if time was an issue for quality then add bonus track as a 45. Jimmys own quote " I’ve re-released this because I wanted it to be available again.” But THIS is NOT a true rerelease, I agree, TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE to leave off song and when I contacted Jimmys site they gave me a bullshit (lie) response, saying was re-worked or incorporated into 'Main Title.' Jimmy needs new people around him, time to clean house at Jimmys site. Jimmy also needs to wake the fuck up.
  11. Thank you for letting us know. How does someone RE-ISSUE an album and OMIT a track? Messed up shit. Bonus tracks are great ADDITION but you dont omit a track to put it on.
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