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  1. Swan Song or Yardbirds 3 or The Jimmy Page Experience or Zeppelin... IN SPACE!!!
  2. yeah it's one of my favorite led zeppelin songs and my favorite off of ittod. it sounds so genuine compared to most of their other blues songs. that's what makes it so great.
  3. i don't care as much about someone replicating led zeppelin's sound exactly. for me covers should have a new spin on them, like Led Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, for instance. my favorite Led Zeppelin cover is Stone Temple Pilots' "Dancing Days". they don't try to sound exactly like Led Zeppelin, they make it their own:
  4. damn I don't know a specific date... maybe the concert on the 2003 DVD where they play "The Ocean", they really look on top of their game. but, then again, I'd like to see them at Knebworth because they use later material. I guess Knebworth.
  5. hmm... i don't think i'd want a Led Zeppelin song in one of those games either... they probably use Stairway to Heaven, an unlockable bonus or something.
  6. for me: Led Zeppelin I: You're Time is Gonna Come You Shook Me (not as often skipped as YTIGC) I Can't Quit You Baby (sometimes) Led Zeppelin II: The Lemon Song (not a fan of the lyrics "squeeze my lemon 'til the juice runs down my leg") that's the only one on that album Led Zeppelin III: Out on the Tiles (sometimes) the rest I let play, even Hats off to (Roy) Harper Led Zeppelin IV: Stairway to Heaven that's the only one I skip, heard it way too many times HOTH: this album varies depending on my mood. the only two that I never skip are Dancing Days and The Ocean. The one I probably skip the most is Over the Hills and Far Away. I love that song but I'm just tired of it. Physical Graffiti: for the first disc I always skip Custard Pie and The Rover and I let the rest of disc play on through for disc two it varies depending on my mood, like HOTH. I usually play Ten Years Gone, The Wanton Song, Boogie With Stu and Black Country Woman. In the Light is one of my top favorite songs but it sorta drags and i'm not in the mood for it very often. I don't like Sick Again so I usually stop with Black Country Woman Presence: I listen to the whole album about half the time and the other half i listen to achilles, for your life and nobody's fault but mine In Through The Out Door: usually listen to it all the way through, it's my favorite album, sometimes I skip Carouselambra 'cause that song drags a bit CO|DA: lots of times I just go straight for my favorite song off this album, "Wearing and Tearing" but I also listen to it all the way through sometimes too.
  7. It was a gradual process. During visitations with my dad when I was a kid we listened to Led Zeppelin in the car. He bought the box set in the early 90's and would play the cassettes a lot in his car. I would associate Led Zeppelin with him. When I was 14 I was oblivious to the fact that one of my favorite hip hop songs was using music from a Led Zeppelin song, called Kashmir. The song was "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy, from the Godzilla Soundtrack. I absolutely loved it. Around 2000 I started to seriously get into Led Zeppelin. I bought the early days/later days first (first led zeppelin music I owned) when I was 16 or 17. It was around this time that my mom heard Stairway to Heaven blaring from my stereo. She told me how much the song meant to her. It was a song that helped her get through a tough part in her life. It gave me a deeper appreciation for Stairway and Led Zeppelin in general. When I was 18 I bought Led Zeppelin II and I soon bought all of the rest of their albums as well. I've become much, much, much more enthusiastic about Led Zeppelin than my dad. He's never even owned an album and only knows the songs that are from that box set (the tape set was worn out so a few years ago he re-bought it on CD... but now the CD's are all scratched up...). I got him to go with me to see Robert Plant in 2005 and he didn't really seem to be that into it...
  8. sounds excellent but i wish the middle generation wasn't the edge... blah. should've been Eddie Van Halen!
  9. did they introduce any new songs during the '80 tour?
  10. this first post has the basics, you can build, elaborate and/or correct from there 1968 The band forms, Led Zeppelin is recorded. 1969 Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II are released. 1970 Led Zeppelin III is released 1971 Led Zeppelin IV aka untitled aka [4 symbols] is released 1972 Houses of the Holy is recorded 1973 Houses of the Holy is released 1974 the new material from Physical Graffiti is recorded 1975 Robert Plant is in a car accident on the Greek island of Rhodes; Physical Graffiti is released 1976 Presence and The Song Remains the Same are released 1977 Robert Plant's son Karac dies 1978 In Through the Out Door is recorded 1979 In Through the Out Door is released 1980 John Bonham, age 32, dies after a heavy night of drinking; Led Zeppelin officially disbanded.
  11. 1) Led Zeppelin died with John Bonham (they can be called Led Zeppelin during reunions, like the 2007 one, but for a band doing new material I think it's dead) 2) It's been 30 years since they've recorded new material. Anything they recorded today wouldn't have the same quality as before and the expectations would be way too high. They're all so much older and they've done so much in the time between. So, ideas for a new name? my mind's a blank... anything i'll say will be lame. i'll say it anyways: New Led Zeppelin Swan Song Old Zep
  12. I loved it! I was a kid at the time (I think 14) and I was a big fan of Puff Daddy and only a slight fan of Led Zeppelin. I didn't even know that "Come With Me" had anything to do with Led Zeppelin at first. I bought the fucking soundtrack single! Then, years later, I heard Kashmir for the first time and it was really weird not hearing Puff Daddy and it took a long time for me to get used to the original version. I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan now though, they're my favorite band and I own all of their albums as well as their two dvd's. I loved them when I was a kid but only heard the songs my dad played off of the box set. I got early days and later days around 2000 and finally bought my first Led Zeppelin album (Led Zeppelin II) when I was 18, in 2002.
  13. big deal. They play Led Zeppelin stuff a lot on Conan, usually either Immigrant Song or Kashmir. And Conan performed Dazed and Confused with Andy Richter in his early days on the show: http://megavideo.com/?v=N7KD6MR2
  14. Was it to be used for a future Led Zeppelin release?
  15. favorite song? hmm... I guess it would be I'm Gonna Crawl. It's either that or Babe I'm Gonna Leave You or Going to California. favorite Led Zep memory? Seeing Robert Plant at the Ryman in Nashville, in 2005. That was magical. They played That's the Way, Gallows Pole, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp and Black Dog.
  16. found it: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/104216 you're welcome
  17. Side 1) Houses of the Holy In the Light Kashmir Black Country Woman Side 2) Ten Years Gone Trampled Underfoot In My Time of Dying Boogie With Stu
  18. ooh nice idea! hats off to him! out of the ideas i've seen so far my two favorites are The White Stripes and Tool. As much as i love the Foo Fighters i just don't think they fit for a Led Zeppelin opener. I think Pearl Jam wouldn't be that bad of an opener. It would be cool if Tool did their No Quarter cover. The thing about Tool though is Led Zep has a lot of older fans who i think would be turned off by them. Though The White Stripes is a new band the older fans would appreciate it for being very blues oriented like Led Zep. but maybe the most logical opener would be an old blues singer like Roy Harper.
  19. i think my parents met at new years 1981 (i was born in 1984). i didn't even learn of Led Zeppelin's existence until 1991 or 1992 when my dad bought the box set 1 on cassette. and i didn't really get into Led Zep until 2000 when i bought early days and later days. and it was around then that i found out that the reason the band broke up is because the drummer died. and i was sad to find out. but that was about 20 years after the fact...
  20. it doesn't sound likely that this would happen but if it's for real then i live in TN! i've never wanted to go to bonaroo before - though The Police being there last year almost convinced me - because it's just so crowded and uncomfortable but if led zep's there then i'd have to go! led zep in the united states (much less TN!) is a must go!
  21. well i've read the overture and have found that this book flat out sucks. it sounds like some ultra conservative christian that twists facts to portray led zeppelin and blues music as evil.
  22. i had heard about this book before but not until now have i tried to read it. it's like pure myth. wtf. i asked for a biography of led zep for Christmas and this is the one i got first, what's the deal with this book? second, what are some other books on led zep you'd reccomend that are a bit more... grounded in reality?
  23. Kashmir on 102.9 The Buzz yesterday evening
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