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  1. Tough to condense it down to 15, so I'll do 15 with 3 encores: 1) Immigrant Song 2) The Rain Song 3) When The Levee Breaks 4) Nobody's Fault But Mine 5) Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You 6) Ten Years Gone 7) No Quarter 8) Thank You 9) Black Dog 10) In the Light 11) Over the Hills & Far Away 12) Dazed & Confused 13) Kashmir 14) Heartbreaker 15) Stairway To Heaven Encores 16) Achille's Last Stand 17) Gallow's Pole 18) Whole Lotta Love
  2. Well, you have to remember that o2 was $250, but LZ was not the only act. It's hard to say, LZ has to know fans will buys TONS of souvenirs for these shows, so maybe they wouldn't go as rough for the tickets as people think. If I had to guess though, I would say yes, probably around $200 a ticket (for a lower seat anyway). To sit higher would probably border $100.
  3. I think it is insulting that Bon Jovi is even mentioned with ANY of these other 3 bands that are all legendary in their own rights. Jon Bon Jovi sings like he should drink prune juice. Hard to believe The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd are not included.
  4. There are really only 2 songs I do not care for: 1) Hats Off To Roy Harper - This is what I would consider their only bad song. 2) Misty Mountain Hop - I realize this is a favorite of most fans, and that I am in the minority here. I do like the music, but the vocals on this song have always beena turn off for me. All the rest of LZ's songs I like for some reason or another, though I obviously like some more than others.
  5. What if Led Zeppelin toured and, in addition to playing songs that would probably be staples in the set no matter what (Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir), they wanted fans to vote for one of their albums for them to play in its entirety? What album would you choose? I myself would probably choose Physical Graffiti, because it has so many great songs that are diverse in sound and style. I would love to hear stuff like In the Light, Down By the Seaside, Ten Years Gone, and Boogie With Stu live. I love all of Led Zeppelin's albums and, really, hearing any of them in its entirety would be great, but Physical Graffiti has slowly but surely become the one I listen to the most. I suppose In Through the Out Door would be cool too, because they really didn't perform live much after that album came out.
  6. They are all great, but I think these are my favs 1) Stairway To Heaven 2) When The Levee Breaks 3) Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You 4) Rain Song 5) Ten Years Gone 6) Dazed & Confused 7) Gallow's Pole 8) Nobody's Fault But Mine 9) Thank You 10) In The Light Honorable Mentions - Going To California, Down By the Seaside, Heartbreaker, No Quarter
  7. Hello, I am 36 and unfortunately never saw Led Zeppelin live, although I did see Page & Plant on the WALKING INTO CLARKSDALE tour 9 years ago. That being the case, I would like to go to more than one show if possible, but my question is, do you think that if the guys tour, that they will vary the setlist? They did 17 songs at O2, but remember that they shared the bill with other acts. I would think they'd do more songs for shows on a full scale tour. Looking at their history and reading old setlists from the 70's, I noticed that they mixed it up a lot. Obviously, there will be songs they play every night like Stairway To Heaven and Kashmir, but do you think they will alternate others? For instance, one night they do Rain Song and When the Levee Breaks, and then another they do Ten Years Gone and Thank You. I think this would be great. I really don't care what they play, because I love nearly all of their songs, but seeing they have SO many good ones, I think it would be cool if they alternate the set and play as many as possible.
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