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  1. I need a list of some books that have great pictures of the band. Looking for somthing for the coffee table.
  2. I take it you are saying I am full of shit!!!! Probably true
  3. It is a possibility that WE are the aliens. Our minds are so powerful and thousands of years from now we could be coming back to check things out. Maybe future humans didn't come back and kill Hitler for a reason. Future humans may have come back to build ancient Egypt for good times, since Mesopatamia had what was needed to make civilization. The Parthenon could have had a contributor from future humans. I do question visitation from other points of the universe, but maybe we are getting visited by ourselves later on.
  4. Why not? What will we look like in the future? Small mouths, big eyes, and little ears tells me telepathic communication, good hearing, and excellent vision including extra rods and cones to allow us dominion over the night. Just throwing it out there.
  5. DEEP thought here: In college, when my mind was at its prime, we thought possibly all of the UFO activity and sightings were actually humans capable of time travel. Maybe the pyramids were built by humans thousands of years from now that decided to go back in time far enough to the point where they wouldn't be fucking up the internet and catching all of the books on fire by helping ancient Egypt build that shit. Hey, maybe these "space men" are actually super evolved humans going back in time just checking things out. I mean, UFO sightings increased with the A Bomb tests and space travel. I would have loved 10,000 years from now to see us harness the power of the stars and see ancient civilization plaster the American southwest with nuke tests and humanity going to space for the first time. Anyways, I look at life now and fall back on the old Bible cause there is so much more out there in this universe cause to me there is more to this life than we know. I mean, having a child is very deep.
  6. Don't Squeeze my Sharmon-Charlie Walker
  7. Thanks, I am just drinkin and postin myself. I get a little vocal when I have a few porters. Anyways, I am watching Sick Again from Knebworth 79' and my wife is wanting me to come to bed. Well, I cracked open another and have Achilles Last Stand, In the Evening, and maybe Kashmir till I go to bed. masallama!
  8. Quite canny, but I am the proud father of a new son and momma and I are working on a little girl. Never had such thoughts, just poking a little fun at my favorite vocalist of all time. Et Vous?
  9. Oh, so the Brits are well endowed!! Well, my last name is Walker and I am American, but my name is not from Italian descant. I am proud of my Anglo heritage.
  10. What's up with the bulge dude. Is that a pair of Fruit of the Looms down there?
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