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  1. Rock and Roll is the song I got into with Zep in 1988 when I started to dig into them when I was a teenager. All I heard was the ending part after Jimmy's solo.
  2. Interesting. I guess that would be the real ZoSo if we played with time and Zep had no choice but to use all these songs. It makes it more epic.
  3. Technically I love all of Zep's songs. For me the only songs I don't go to to listen to are certain songs from Presence/ITTOD. Royal Orleans/Hots/Tea/South bound/All of My Love/Hot Dog. Sacriliage, I am not into Thank You, Evermore/Cali/Rain Song I love.
  4. What do you think it it about Zep that keeps them on top in terms of popularity? Did they really luck out. All good looking guys. Great musicianship. Even though they could be sloppy life. I listen to Zep and then Queen. Queen seems way more refined, but they can't get into that Sex groove that Zep have. Whats your thoughts.
  5. I can't understand why I'm Gonna Crawl was not given any live rendition.
  6. I don't think so. Possibly though. I know that Plant did the medley of it sort of with the Oh Oh's from Dyer Maker on the tale end of a Communication Breakdown during The Presence era shows.
  7. 1988 I got into Zep based on Heart being the gateway band. Also adding that Rock and Roll was the first song I heard from Zep. Love this band. Have most everything from them. First 6 albums are perfect. P/ITTOD are good but not great. I can feel the magic in the songs dropping.
  8. A while back in my LZ facebook group. Someone was saying that Zep was more of a project and that they were not really friends as much. With the exception of Bonzo and Robert. Whats your take. Did they all really have to be friends. What does friendship in a band mean and does it matter?
  9. Zep 2 and PG are tied at #1. Zoso and Zep 1 are tied at #2. Zep 3 and HOTH are tied at 3. Then ITTOD and Presence is last.
  10. Joseph Gorden Levett for Jimmy Page. Cristian Bale for Bonham. Jude Law for Plant. Topher Grace for JPJ. If I could play with time and get them when they were younger.
  11. It depends on how we look at it. I add Page and Plant solo tours with Zep material in. So take that away. Its a different story. P/P and Plant solo have done Lots of Zep material that never got done with Zep. So we now have Custard Pie/Hey Hey What Can I do/FOr Your Life-which at the O2 to me was better than the studio version. A Carasolsambra in a medley/In the Light the start/Wanton Song/Living Loving Maid-solo Plant/Good Times Bad Times. There are some others.
  12. The thing I don't get about Zep is why they could not pull off Levee Live for the most part. Was it really that hard. Then you see them doing In My time of dying and its heavy as Levee to.
  13. Whats your take on the hard rockers of Zep 3 in terms of progression of songs style and how Zep were evolving with the songs. So thats Immigrant Song/Celebration Day/Out on the Tiles. I guess you can add the Blues of Since I've been loving you as well. For me this is the album where I hear Zep getting a bit slick. Robert's voice is now more that hammer of the gods wail. He almost sounds country if that makes sense. His vocal diction has changed. Almost like Zep got a newer singer. Jimmy feels more warrior in his guitar tone. No real sorcery style licks. Stinging solos and more precise. Less of the supposed Sloppy sounds that we hear live. Bonzo is very on top of thing. That behind the beat feel to me only shows up in Since I've been loving you. John Paul Jones. Love his bass, but it feels like his Bass line don't have that soul full melody of the first two Zep albums. Feels like he is staying within the lines of his Bass for the most part. There is no songs that have that soul full funky bass lines, where you can sing along with it. For me JPJ early bass lines is what I would want if I was playing in a rock band. Love Zep 3. Its an A grade. Zep 3 feels more like a happy album, with Since I've been loving you feeling the most heaviest.
  14. I may have stated this before. In my head sound wise. I feel Like Eddie is The Flash. Jimmy is Gandolf. I feel like Eddie has more flow to my ears. Jimmy feels like he has more sorcery in his songs.
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