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  1. I see no problem. I guess you could of grouped the heavy rocker into one cd and the acoustics on the other. To me its best to temper them both with care. Zep has that duality. Of being electric and acoustic. Mc7
  2. I think that the riffs of Zep are what make the band stand out and coppoed by others. They really started to focus on the riffs starting from LZ2. I wanted to start a thread about how they constructed thier riffs. and how do thier riffs differ from other bands. To me LZ's riffs are bad ass and funky and thier always seems to be this twisty sound to it. I can't decribe it but its like a Spider that can crawl on any surface. That do you all think Mc7
  3. MMH is killer on ZoSo. It becomes weaker live. I don't know why that is. I think that Levee could have been killer live. I think I will start a tread about live vs studio. Mc7
  4. I just saw this spoof on a preacher using Zep lyrics. Its on Youtube. I don't know how to post a link. So if you are curious go to you tube and type: Zeppreacher: Your Time Is Gonna Come MC7
  5. For example they always pit The Beatles and R Stones against each others as peers. Who are Zeps peers. To me its Jimmy Hendrix, Cream, The Who, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Queen, Pink Floyd, Heart. In other words if you like Zep, you should like the above. Mc7
  6. Has anyone been to any of the places that Led Zep recorded and vacationed. For example. The PG apt bldg in New York. I have been close to that area when I was there in 2005. What about Headley Grange, Bron-Y-Aur cottage etc. Wales in genreal? Any thoughts, feelings, impressions you get from the places where you go, I see where they got the inspiration for songs? Mc7
  7. Here is my interpretation of Jimi vs Jimmy. Riffs: Both could create killer riffs, but to me I would say that Page was a better Riffer. When I hear Hendrix songs it seems like he wants to break away from the riff after 2 minutes. Solos: Both could nail thier Solos. I would say that Hendrix was more about the Solo than Page. Even in extended jams with Zep. There is no denying that Hendrix was a better suited for Solos. Page is better at riffs. Sonic sounds: Both are equal. I always have a certain imagery with both. Page to me has a duality. Gunslinger which could be repres
  8. PG its got all their styles on it. The first 6 albums rock. All of them are perfect in one way or another. Mc7
  9. So we have VS thing going on. I would like to read about oppinions about Robert's vocal contemporarys. Robert to me has a blusey mystical voice. The only dark spot on him vocally is that his Higher vocals are what he is trapped with, when people think of Robert with Zeppelin, way too critized for not being able to sing high all the time. Freddie to me seem to be mix Opera and Rock, with his vocals and seems to keep his strength vocally till he passed away. Sometimes to me he conveys cheesiness. Roger to me has a great blusey voice, but the Who to me always went too political in
  10. A lot of people are saying that Lenny new Cd sounds a lot like Zep. The new single Bring it on does sound like a Zep riff. What are your thought. Does everyone have to knick Zep to get a great guitar riff. Mc7
  11. How has Roberts vocals changed over the years? If he took care of his voice better, would he be in the vein of David Coverdale or Chris Cornal? Mc7
  12. I have heard this term alot lately. What does it mean to all of you? Mc7
  13. They have such a dynamic sound. The first 6 albums in my oppinion is perfect. I just love the dynamic of how the vocals, bass, Keys, drums, guitar. I love how they all love to fit together. Mc7
  14. Here are my top 10 Zep songs Live Dazed and Confused Live Ocean No Quarter When the levee breaks WSAWSNB FITR IS 10YG LS TBOEM Mc7
  15. When you all listen to the radio. What Zep songs do you hear. For me I hear. GTBT, BIGLY, CB, WLL, HB, LLM, RO, IG, GP, All of four. OTHAFA, DD, NQ, CP, K, TUF, ALS, ITE, FITR. Mc7
  16. PG to me is the better double album. When it comes to SFingers vs ZoSo. Its pretty even. I like both bands. I want to start a thread about the difference between The Stones, The Who and Zep. MC7
  17. When you think of the Members of Zep. Who do you tend to think dominates certain albums. For me I think that Robert dominates LZ3/Zoso/HOTH/PG. JPage-LZ1/LZ2/ZoSo/PG. JPJ-Zoso/HOTH/ITTOD Bonzo-LZ1/LZ2/ZoSo/PG/Presence Thats how it looks to me. Mc7
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