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  1. Hey Liam. I hope you like the forum. I wish they would get back to together as well. In the meantime if you really want to see the magic of LZ. I would suggest you get How the West was Won DVD. Its a great sound piece for Led Zeppelin. A band that emulates them is Rival Sons if you are looking for a band that is currently styled like them music wise.
  2. With Bonzo. His peers are basically a short list of Ginger Baker/Keith Moon/Neil Peart. Who do you think is Pages peers? For me in stature. I think of Clapton/Hendrix/Angus Young/Tony Iommi/Ritchie Blackmoore/Alex Lifeson.
  3. I was watching a guitar instruction about how to play in the Key of The Rolling Stones. The guy said that Keith Richards plays in the the Key of G. So what do you think that Jimmy Page/Jimi Hendrix/Clapton and Tony Iommi play in? For the most part?
  4. Rival Sons are a great band. They are great guys as well. Check out Manifest Destiny off of Head Down. They really know how to sell a song. MD reminds me of a hybrid of No Quarter and When the Levee breaks. They do emulate the best parts of Zep, yet they have their own Identity. I feel like RS can edit a little bit better than Zep. They also seem a little bit more clear with their vocals. They are a little bit more chorus orientated than Zep Both shine when they go into dirty blues mode.
  5. LZ 1-HMMT when they go into the Hunter part. LZ 2-The Lemon Song the slow part of the song LZ 3-Celebration Day the opening riff LZ 4-When the Levee Breaks all 7 minutes of it HOTH-No Quarter Main Guitar Riff PG-Kashmir( 2:12 to 3:12)/10 yrs gone ( The electric part of the riff)Custard Pie/IMTODying P-For your Life the whole song ITTOD-FITRain the Samba part Honerable mentions.....Sunshine Woman. Long Tall Sally/Come onEverybody/Were Gonna Groove/Many live versions of HMMT
  6. I have a lot of versions of HMMT on my iPod. I have the 1973 version as well.
  7. Both song are extended live. Which song do you prefer. Whats the best verion you have heard on the two songs? There is something about HMMT that I like better than DC. I think that the SRTS version of Dazed is the definitive song for any Dazed out there. The Filmore West San Francisco version of HMMT is the best live version followed by the RAH version. I guess for me HMMT has more Musical Layers.
  8. So what you are all saying is that this Album is more of a Plant/Jones project with Page and Bonzo taking a background status. Okay. Why is that you never really hear much of ITTOD on cover songs and on the radio. The only songs I have ever heard is Fool in the rain on radio. When people talk about classic Zeppelin. This era is not really mentioned as much. They never really perform songs when Zep reform for the odd gig. I don't even think Jason Bonham covers songs from this era. I am just saying it sounds much de energized.
  9. When The Levee Breaks. Every note they play and sing is killer.
  10. When you all listen to ITTOD. Do you feel it sounds like Zeppelin. When compared to the other albums? Wow does it ever really feel like its from another era. Almost like Zeppelin stooped performing for about 10 yrs and then picked up again. At least with the other albums. I can feel a thread with the songs from album to album. Fool in the Rain is like a pop song and very light for them. If you put on Hot Dog. It does not sound like them. When they performed for O2. They did nothing from ITTOD, not even Im' Gonna Crawl, which is closer to the Zeppelin sound than any other song.
  11. I was just surfing around the net. Do you think that Zeppelin is Psychedelic and if so what songs would they be. One person said that only Led Zep 1 was a Psychedelic album What do you think? For me. I say songs like DC/HMMT/YTIGC. To me anything that is Psychedelic has to have this cosmic cloud feeling. It has to be long and jam orientated and at least 6 to 8 minutes long. Long guitar solos and various sounds. Almost like taking the guitar and bass and making them sound like organs.
  12. The Black Sabbath 13 really sound well crafted. I don't know if its the chemistry for Sabbath was tighter than Zeppelin. Its like they have never been apart. I think they should try one more time to see if they have it. Play a shorter set.
  13. If Zeppelin got back together. Based on what you have seen the members do over the past couple of years. Do you think it would be great? I have heard Black Sabbath new musical output 13. It really sound great. Sabbath sound like Sabbath more than Page and Plant did on their last combined solo effort. Do all the members including giving a space for Jason to play still have the chops to put out a new musical project or has Led Zeppelin laid to rest with Bonzo's passing. I feel like they still may have it. Yet now is the time. Not when they are close to 80.
  14. Which Tempo do you think suites Zeppelin best. Slow/Mid/Fast in terms of the songs. When I hear other bands, I feel like there are certain tempos that serve them best. Black Sabbath - Slow Iron Man/War Pigs AcDc-Fast Let there be Rock/Thunderstruck The Rolling Stones-mid tempo Honkey Tonk Woman The Beatles-Slow Lucy in the sky Led Zeppelin-Slow to Mid Tempo. When the levee breaks/No Quarter Whats your take?
  15. I thought about them as well. I just did not want to put so many that the list became too much. KF all the those people should be on the list. I was just thinking of band or artists that made that major impact all over.
  16. When I look back at the decades of great bands or music artists starting from the 1950's and focusing on Rock. It seems like Zeppelin has always been put into that group. So I wonder what you all think of my list of the decades where there was that one band or Artist that stood out. 50's-Elvis 60's -The Beatles/The Rolling Stones 70's-Led Zeppelin 80's Van Halen/The Police/Guns N Roses/Def Leppard/Heart 90's-U2/Soundgarden/Nirvana 00's -? 2010's- For me its Rival Sons at the moment What's your take.
  17. For me its more about the riffs for Sabbth. I love that Heavy Sound. Zeppelin to me have more variety and more popular status. I have heard a lot of references to Zeppelin in the media a lot. Its almost like the Media are trying to act like its cool to use Zeppelin in a refernce explaining music.
  18. Do you think we will see a serious Led Zeppelin Bio Pic? If so what do you want to see in it. I would like to see more studio sessions esppecially how they put Whole Lotta Love together. I don't want to see too much debauchery. I feel that the way that Zep is being lauded out in the media. We will see a Zep bio pic in the near future.
  19. Yes I have to do it. I need to start a VS post. With the recent 3 thirds of Sabbath reuniting. I have heard at least 2 new songs and I think they are fantastic. This being a Zeppelin board. We know that Zeppelin will win in any vs poll. Anyways what are your thoughts between the band member playing prowes. The main differences between the two. Robert vs Ozzy. Both are good singer. I like Plant more. Ozzy seems like most of the lyrics are like church sermons. Robert has more sex in his voice. Ozzy if more doom warning orientated. Tony vs Jimmy. Both are really good. Th
  20. Do you all think that Zep would have been looked at in a different way if they smashed their intruments. Would they have been seen as more wilder, or would it make them seem loseresque? This question came to me, as I was listening to Howard Stern Shock Jock in America, talking about Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Who broke down because he was only allowed one minute to sing a song at a concert. He started to break his guitar on stage.
  21. Rival Sons are the only ones doing it right now when it comes to Rock and Roll.
  22. The Reason I made this post was that I hear other artist make statements on the state of Rock and Roll and I like to get the oppinions of the fans take. Like when I hear Glenn Hughes from BBC talk about the bands that grew out of the Black Country of England. He says that the common kinship they had was that they grew up sort of poor. Or that is how it came up to me, yet they all the bands that grew up there as children, were able to make it big. I love Zeppelin. I have been into them since 1988. Its just that when I hear Rock jounalists talk about Rock and Roll. They usually group
  23. Stormbringer are you saying that if you like Zeppelin. You most likley will like Purple and Sabbath?
  24. When I hear of band and their peers. Usually the Rock press put these bands in threes. For example. The Rolling Stones are usually grouped with The Beatles and The Who as they basically all started at the same time. With Hendrix its usually CCR and The Doors. So who is Zeppelin with in your view? Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Or are they with Pink Floyd/Queen. Whats your take. I put LZ with DP and BS.
  25. When I say they were Poor. I am basing it on conversations I have heard that Glenn Hughes from BBC has said about where they came from. So the bands who grew up in the Black Country always had money woes according to GH. Perhaps they were middle class.
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