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  1. I wonder if the fact that Robert and Bonzo grew up poor vs Page/JPJ's Posh upbringing changed the dynamic of the band in terms of songs. I always feel this tension in the music. Like in order to have a great Zeppelin song, they can't talk about being happy all the time. There is always some blues to their song Shade or Light. I have talked about this before. Do you think that if they all came from the same back ground the music would sound different. Like with Black Sabbath. They all came from a background that was poor. The BS sound is very dark blues. Zeppelin seemed more happy b
  2. You know what I have noticed lately. Every news blurb on music sites LZ as a influence or sound like etc. Although I love LZ. I think this is going overboard. The only other band I see like that is The Beatles, but that is more about bubble gum popularity. What do yo all think. Must everything be linked to Led Zeppelin.
  3. What song do you think is cool from Zep's catalog, that you have seen on the big screen? For me its When the Levee Breaks in Argo and Sucker Punch. I just have a big grin on my face when I hear that pounding rhythm pulsating as I watch the trailer.
  4. Another angle is that when WW2 hit. The British were the first to react and go after the Axis forces. Not the Americans. I am Canadian by the way. I just feel that The British culture really gave a gift to the world. Late 60's to late 70's really produced a lot of great music. in Soul and in jazz as well. I rarely here of a great band coming out now a days. The Rival Sons are the only band right now that emulate the best of Led Zeppelin, in terms of music and quality. They play by their own rules.
  5. What do yo all think it is about Led Zeppelin and Classic Rock that is revered to this day? Why does British culture more than other cultures in the world seen as more hip than the USA when it comes to music. I feel that todays pop music does not hold and will not stand the test of time like Zeppelin and Classic rock. What do you all think?
  6. Rival Sons. All the way, they are the closest to the Zeppelin vibe out of all the bands out there right now. I saw them last Saturday and it was like watching Zeppelin at the Royal Albert Hall. They are on tour right now. If you have a chance to see them go. They have even met Jimmy Page and he gave them a ringing endorsement in a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview. They dress like hippies. They look normal. They have 4 recording out. An Ep. Before the Fire/Pressure and Time/Head Down. You can look them up on You Tube. The song that have a Zeppelin like feel from them ar
  7. I have noticed that more than any other solo artist that came from a band, Robert Plant is really chained to Zeppelin. It seems lke other artists Don't really get asked about when they are getting back with thier other band as much. by other Artists I mean....Rod Stewart-The Faces. John Fogerty-CCR. Phil Collen-Genisis. I wonder why Plant gets his with so many Zeppelin references most of the time.
  8. Why do people think that as we age, we want to take it easy. Look at the guys in Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. These guys are in their 50/60'S and they have more energy than most. If anything Zep to me are much more subdued than the Stones. The Stones are the ones that jump around. Page and Plant move around a bit but not jumping around all the time. I am 41 and I can tell you I am more active than I was when I was 21.
  9. Manifest Destiny is a masterpiece whomever wrote it. That is what makes RS special. That one song has put them over for me as having longevity.
  10. They do have a similar style to Zeppelin. If you like that type of amped up Blues. Then Rival Sons is the ticket. Head Down is a masterpiece. I feel like Wolfmother is more like Black Sabbath. One thing that WM does not do that RS does is that WM is more about groove than guitar solos. So if both bands make it and are here for the next 20 yrs. WM is Black Sabbath and RS is Led Zeppelin as to who they would be compared to.
  11. Well I am seeing them in my home town of Winnipeg Feb 9th. I have talked to the guitarist on Facebook. http://www.wmmr.com/music/mmarchives/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10480879 Rival Sons Guitarist, Scott Holiday, chats with Markus There is the link.
  12. I have been listening to these guys for a year or so. Even the way they got together is very Zeppelin like. Instead of the Singer getting the drummer into the band. The Drummer got the Singer into the band. The bassist is into Motown/James Brown Soul grove. Of course they have their own style. I was wondering if anyone on the board has heard them or seen them live? I have and they great. I really think this band more than anyone will emulate LZ for this generation, yet they have their own style. Their latest album Head Down is kind of like Led Zep 2 and 4. Anyways. What do y
  13. There are some reports that Jimmy is working on some project with reissuing Zep material. Like I heard that he may release alternate versions of Zep stuff like When the levee breaks, perhaps some live material as well.
  14. What do you think each took from the blues that made thier sound different from each other? To me Zep amplified it and made it more dramatic. The Stones were pretty standared with it and made the blues more straight for the times. Mind you I listen to a lot more Zep than Stones. It almost like Zep electricuted the blues. The Stones smoothed it out. Anyways. I am just curious about the differences in your mind on what both bands took from the blues.
  15. I guess what I have been trying to convey is that musically Led Zep's music is harder to play and that the Stones's music is much more easier. Then again. Songs like Gimmie Shelter/2000 light years, seem complex to me. I love both bands. I love the Stones although Zep are my babies. The thing I like about Zep is that thier riffs are more twisty than The Stones.
  16. I guess my buddy b was trying to convey that Zeppelin's music is harder to play than the Stone's music. I don't know. To me Zeppelin seemed to improvise more. The Stones basically play note for note. They improvise a little differently. I suspect that if Zep played their tunes it would be like 15 songs. The Stones would play about 25, but they would be short. The Stones don't really have long epic songs for the most part. I love both bands. I don't know why Zeppelin songs are considered harder to play.
  17. The only difference between the Stones and Zep is that the Stones have more backgound singers/Horn Section.
  18. One of my friends said that its easier for The Stones to go out with thier music and tour at thier age, because their music is not as heavy as Zep. The Stone and Zep both used blues as a strtign point for thier music. In your oppinion. If Zep was playing right now. Why would it be difficult for them rock out in concert as compared to the Stones? Any insight into what my friend said about Zep music is to heavy for Zep to play on a weekly basis, or How easy is it for the Stones to pull off thier songs nightly on a Rock circut?
  19. I love this song and its one of my top ten Zeppelin songs. Van Halen did a rip off of Zep's LLM with a song called Top Jimmy from 1984.
  20. I was reading a blurb on Rolling Stone.com, about Jimmy Page remastering the Zeppelin catalog and putting out some unreleased material on the remasters. Why does it seem to me that management of Zeppelin keeps mastering their catalog all the time. How many times are they going to go to the well. Any insight to what is happening. Do you all really want to see altered version of Zep 1 and 2 with songs added in?
  21. When I think about it. The song to me that has everything to me is When the Levee Breaks. It has that stinging Twisty Zeppelin riff and that funky groove. The Druming is iconic on it. The solo is great and the band seems on fire. Its very heavy blues based in sound.
  22. I know that most of you will not get my question. Anyways. What song do you think is the most Zepplein out of thier catalog that when people hear Zeppelin that most people will say thats them. To me out of all their songs this is the songs that come to mind. Dazed and Confused/WLL/Imigrant Song/When the Levee breaks/The song remains the Same/Custard Pie/In my time of Dying/Kashmir/10 yrs gone/For your Life/Achilies Last Stand/In the Evening. In order for anything to sound like Zepplelin for the most part it has to have a blues mystic riff in the song. Be it played fast/mid tempo or
  23. What do you all think of how Zeppelin changed the world of music? In what way did they do things that others did not. For me I think they changed the way music was heard. In the sense that you really heard the individuals personality in the music. For example. Bonzo to me was like a Gorilla on the hunt in most of his drumming. Robert had a very siren urgency in his voice. Page could rock but also employ a wizerdy in his playing. He was never paint by the numbers. JPJ always put a little bit of Funky melody in his bass. He just never follwed the riff. LZ in all would always make th
  24. I have so many friends that say one or the other. Which one do you think is more true to them. I say that Zep is more of a Blues Band. Where Aerosmith/AcDc are more rock bands.
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