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  1. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/40951768/ns/today-entertainment/
  2. ? Mhmm...i´m not from BsAs
  3. When u r sick, u have no choise. u r just fucked up. that last one was a good final reply.
  4. I wasn´t dreaming! He says that on the first cd of BBC SESSIONS in the song number 2 i think that is I can´t quit u baby....
  5. http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/worst-album-covers
  6. I´m kind of new here so i really don´t know if this post should be here. This is a version of Stairway that i really enjoy...this guys r great, take a look: (Sorry if it has been post it before)
  7. I can´t belive there is an Amys thread here!. I´m a huge fan of Amy since a year ago and a fan from Zeppelin since i was 19. I guess that even u like the girl or no, even u like all the paparazi shit or not, even u sayd that her life is a complete mess, u can´t deny that her music is something diferent and fresh. The first band i hear was the Rolling Stones but i sudenly get tired of them. Then i meet Zeppelin. Since 19 to now (I´m 23) i love old things, all the new things sounds like shit to me, except a few bands like Wolfmother, The white Stripes, The hives, etc. Whe i first hear Amy i
  8. I hope not! I´m 100% sure that it was on the BBC SESSIONS. Today I´m going to my department so I will listen... Thanks for answer me!!!
  9. Hi! I´m Emi from Argentina. I came to this forum a couple of years ago but i never keep active. ... I have a little question that i hope someone can answer. In wich son Plant sings "I want u to be my woman, but i want somebody else to be my bride"...? i left my cds in my department and now i´m in the house of my parents so i can´t check this out. I woke up this morning with that in my head!! He said that or i´m crazy? Thank u and sorry for my creepy english
  10. This is mine. I am from Argentina, sory for my ugly englysh!!!
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